New FDA Testing Method for Labsphere Sunscreen UV Transmittance Analyzer

Partnership with Q-Lab brings customer savings
North Sutton, New Hampshire (December 9, 2010) – Labsphere, maker of the UV-2000S Transmittance Analyzer for Sunscreens, has developed a new software routine allowing sunscreens to be characterized per the latest global in-vitro testing standards.  This addition, available immediately, to the analyzer’s software anticipates the release by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of its final rule for in-vitro sunscreen testing.

Labsphere’s UV-2000S software has been upgraded for the new FDA testing method.

Labsphere’s UV-2000S software has been upgraded for the new FDA testing method.

Labsphere’s UV-2000S Transmittance Analyzer benchtop R&D system is designed to rapidly measure the spectral transmittance of sunscreen products, especially those with very high sun protection factors (SPF 50+), as well as UVA/UVB protection factor.  Its application software automatically converts measurement data to provide the Sun Protective Factor (SPF), UVA to UVB ratio, critical wavelength (COLIPA 2009), Boot Star Rating, UVA I/UV ratio (FDA proposed rule) and UVA-PF (COLIPA Method).

The platform allows users to view, archive, retrieve and export data for measurements on both bare substrates and product substrates and supports evolving regional methods.  Labsphere also plans to incorporate proposed changes to Euro-commission (COLIPA) guidelines, the FDA monograph and to add new ISO guidelines to future software releases, as these tests are issued by the relevant regulatory bodies. The most recent software is supplied with new purchases of the UV-2000S and current users can upgrade with subscription-based updates.

The FDA’s proposed rule and the new emerging ISO and COLIPA standards will also require the use of a device for exposing sunscreens to a specified solar irradiance photostability testing.  Labsphere has arranged a marketing partnership with a world leader in weathering and solar aging testing equipment, Q-Lab Corporation (  Any customer that acquires a Labsphere UV2000S and Q-Lab Q-Sun Xenon Light Stability Tester within six months of each other will be eligible for special pricing on both products.

To speak to an experienced applications engineer, or to learn more about pricing incentives, send an e-mail to, or phone +1 (603) 927-4266.

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