Labsphere Appointed Distributor of HelioScreen HD Plates in the Americas

Substrates for SPF analysis recommended in UVA COLIPA 2007 measurement method
North Sutton, New Hampshire  (July 16, 2009) – Labsphere, maker of the UV-2000S transmittance analyzer, has signed an agreement to become the exclusive distributor of HelioScreen’s range of HD Helioplates™ for the Americas.  HD Helioplates are the recommended substrate for quality assurance and UVA Protection Factor (UVA-PF) analysis in the formulation, development and testing of sunscreen products.


The HD Helioplates are used with Labsphere’s UV-2000S benchtop R&D system and have been specifically designed for the determination of SPF or any other solar protection factors.  Precise manufacturing processes ensure reproducibility and continuity from one plate to another for accurate results.  To assure quality, all Helioplates are certified for identification and traceability.

Helioscreen’s HD Helioplate line includes substrates optimized for a variety of testing methods.  The HD2 plates, specifically, are used in the UVA COLIPA 2007 measurement method for in-vitro sunscreen testing and are the recommended substrate for this testing method.  The HD6 plates have been designed especially for SPF and photo stability measurement. 

For more information, visit the company’s website, contact your local Labsphere representative, send an e-mail to, or phone +1 (603) 927-4266.  To purchase Helioscreen HD plates, please log on to Labsphere’s online store at,, and select Sunscreen testing Accessories.

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