VdS Approval for Klaxon’s Sonos Range

Klaxon Signals’ Sonos range of multipurpose fire alarm sounders has gained approval by VdS. VdS is an internationally recognised certification institution for fire prevention technology, providing third party verification to ensure products and systems meet required standards. The Sonos sounder and sounder-beacon units have been VdS certified under number G206041, the latest in a series of approvals following UK accreditations from the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and CPD (Construction Products Directive).

VdS Approved Sonos Sounder Beacon

Sonos sounder-beacons utilise high efficiency LEDs as their light source and draw significantly less current than traditional xenon beacons.  They are optimised for fire applications and are available in a variety of lens colours including red, amber, clear, green and blue.

Stuart Mason, Klaxon’s Sales Director, remarked, “The new VdS approval shows our customers we are dedicated to continual third party testing and certification both in home and export markets.”

All products in the Sonos range are available in deep or shallow base variants.  Deep base units have weatherproof protection to IP65 and can be used in all locations, both indoors and outdoors. 

Units are available in either red or white and come with a choice of 32 tones including all the major European standards, making them suitable for use across Europe.  The tone and volume setting can be preset or adjusted ‘off-base.’

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