Keeler Americas and MST Expand Product Portfolios

Sister Halma Medical sector companies integrate Accutome product range
Malvern, Pa. and Redmond, Wash. (October 20, 2017) – Keeler Americas and MST have reorganized to integrate the product range of sister Halma Medical sector company, Accutome. Keeler has taken on the Accutome clinical and diagnostic lines, while MST has absorbed the Accutome surgical line. The move results in two stronger and more focused ophthalmic companies to better serve customers worldwide.

Accutome by Keeler

Keeler’s new ‘Accutome by Keeler’ brand offers a full complement of clinical pharmaceuticals and supplies; measuring devices including pachymetry, tonometry, and A-Scan; as well as ultrasound imaging equipment, including the 4-Sight, B-Scan, and UBM. By consolidating these products with Keeler’s established binocular indirects, cryo, slit lamps, tonometers, and other diagnostic equipment, customers will benefit from access to all the eyecare products they require for their patients and practices. The expansion fuels Keeler’s vision to help everyone see happier lives through healthier eyes.

MST will consolidate the Accutome range of surgical tools, into the ‘MST Basics’ brand. This will complement its existing ‘MST’ portfolio of specialty ophthalmic surgical instruments and devices. With ‘MST Basics’, MST expands its reach within ophthalmology, and continues to act as a partner to surgeons by now encompassing all surgical needs. MST will continue to deliver precision manufacturing and the highest levels of innovation, product quality, and customer service while providing great products that people love.

Product information and support for all Accutome products remains available at or by phone at (800) 979-2020, until further notice.

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New Zeiss Style Digital Applanation Tonometer from Keeler

D-KAT Z-Type offers fast, accurate measurement of IOP
Broomall, Pennsylvania (April 14, 2017) – Keeler has expanded its range of quality tonometers with the D-KAT Z-type, the first digital applanation tonometer designed for Keeler Z Series Slit Lamps and other lower illumination style slit lamps. The FDA-approved contact tonometer aids in glaucoma diagnosis with precise intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements taken at the slit lamp as part of a routine examination.

Keeler D-KAT Z-type

D-KAT Z-type digital applanation tonometer for lower illumination style slit lamps, including Keeler’s Z Series.

The D-KAT Z-type uses the ‘Goldmann method’ of measuring IOP, calculating the force required to flatten a constant area of the cornea using a special prism mounted on the tonometer head and placed against the cornea.

With fewer moving parts compared to conventional applanation tonometers, the D-KAT Z-type’s internal electronics deliver fast and accurate IOP measurement to one decimal point. The integrated LED display is easily read in darkened exam rooms.

For safe, efficient use of the D-KAT Z-type, Keeler offers the Tonomate disposable applanation prism. Sterile, and individually packaged, Tonomate prisms are designed to be discarded after use, streamlining eye examinations and preventing the cross-infection between patients of diseases that can be transmitted via the tear film.

In addition to the new D-KAT Z-Type, Keeler’s British-designed and -manufactured range of digital applanation tonometers includes R-type and T-type  variants for -H- style slit lamps.

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New Z Series Slit Lamp from Keeler

Lower illumination system with 1 mm square and 14 mm slit width
Broomall, Pennsylvania (September 22, 2016) – The new Z Series slit lamp incorporates Keeler’s proven quality optics and construction in a lower illumination Z-type system, with flexible features and options for comprehensive examination of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. The only slit lamp currently available with a 1 mm square aperture and 14 mm variable slit width, the Z Series also offers manual adjustment of both slit length and width, as well choice of binocular type, magnification range, and full digital upgrade capability.

Keeler Z Series

The new Z Series slit lamp with flexible features and options for comprehensive examinations.

The Z Series provides a wide range of apertures, both manual and preset, quickly adapting to a range of exam needs. Slit width can be manually adjusted from 0-14 mm. Preset apertures include 0.2, 2, 3, 5, and 9 mm, 14 mm circle, 1 mm square–specifically designed for assessment of Uveitis, and space reserved for additional preset apertures. Slit angle can be continually adjusted 360°. Blue, red-free, clear, and neutral density filters are included, and a flip-up diffuser provides a good visual of the whole eye at low magnification. A yellow barrier filter is also included to detect subtle corneal staining.

Keeler offers a choice of converging or parallel binoculars with the Z Series, to suit user preference. It is available with either a 3-step rotating drum for 10 x to 25 x magnification, or a 5-step rotating drum for 6 x to 40 x magnification. Mounting options include refraction arm table mount or rolling table mount configurations.

All of the slit lamp parameters are easily adjusted, with an illumination control rheostat conveniently positioned adjacent to the gliding joystick. The LED illumination provides consistent performance and lowers lifetime ownership costs. The Z-Series includes a digital-ready system, with integrated shutter trigger on the joystick and camera exposure controls on the base.

The Z Series is part of Keeler’s comprehensive line of slit lamp systems, designed to suit a range of doctor preferences and practice needs. The line also includes the K Series H-type lower illumination systems, Q Series full digital H- and Z-type systems, and PSL handheld slit lamps. Keeler also offers a full range of digital applanation tonometers for its slit lamps.

Keeler’s Z Series is British-designed and -manufactured.

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Keeler Donates Equipment to Charitable Belize Mission

Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and portable slip lamp used at clinic that screened nearly 1000 patients
Broomall, Pennsylvania (August 10, 2016) – Donated equipment from Keeler Instruments was recently used by a team from the New England College of Optometry (NECO) during a charitable mission trip to the Stann Creek District in Southeastern Belize. The members of NECO’s Fellowship of Christian Optometrists (FCO) partnered with His Servants Ministries to provide eye care in this desperately underserved region.


Keller Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and portable slip lamp

3rd year NECO student Kim Hsiao uses the PSL for a slit lamp exam.

Headed up by Lee Peplinski, O.D. and Nathaniel Pelsor, O.D., the team of 13 NECO students, plus a support staff of three, spent five days conducting exams, dispensing medications, providing protective and prescriptive eyewear, and referring patients for follow up care. A key aim of the mission is to establish a sustainable eye care system to provide sight-preserving early intervention and ongoing follow- up treatment.

The team saw 745 patients for comprehensive eye exams. Most were provided with readers, safety goggles, artificial tears, glaucoma, allergy or other topical medications, or custom prescription lenses using donated blank frames. One hundred were referred for additional treatment or surgical intervention. In addition, the team administered comprehensive vision screenings to over 200 students, setting them up for academic success unhindered by vision impairment. All told, the team provided eye care to nearly 1000 people.


Keeler Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and portable slip lamp

Dr. Lee Peplinski performs a BIO exam.

“Many of the patients we see have undiagnosed or poorly controlled systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other vascular diseases,” explains Jessica Hahm, the 2016 Belize Team Leader. “Therefore, dilated eye exams are all the more important for our patient population. Without the Keeler Vantage Plus BIO, it would have been impossible for us to conduct dilated fundus examinations. The optics allowed us to easily obtain clear views of the periphery and posterior pole of the retina, cutting down on our exam time and allowing us to diagnose diseases and conditions with greater accuracy.”

“Additionally, the Keeler PSL portable slit lamp allowed us to check the anterior segment of the eyes, and to assess whether or not it was safe to dilate patients. The slit lamps were crucial in helping us see the microscopic details of the cornea to get a proper diagnosis.”

With LED illumination and wireless designs, the Vantage Plus and PSL are particularly well suited to clinic and mission work. The LEDs consume very little power for long battery life. Being wireless makes it easy to move quickly from patient to patient.

“We’re happy to support the students and doctors doing this important charitable work,” says Keeler President Eva Kosanovic. “Eye care and preventing vision loss are critical to overall health and quality of life.”

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Tonomate Disposable Applanation Prism

Sterile single-use prisms reduce cross-infection and streamline exams
Broomall, Pennsylvania (February 17, 2016) – Keeler has introduced a new disposable applanation prism, Tonomate, to facilitate safe and fast Goldmann applanation tonometry.


Tonomate Disposable Applanation Prism Sterile reduces cross-infection and streamline exams.

Tonomate prisms are manufactured to the high quality associated with the Keeler brand and designed to fit most applanation tonometer prism holders. Each prism is individually packed in sterile packaging and can be fitted easily without requiring direct contact. The prism is discarded after use to streamline eye examinations and prevent the cross-infection of diseases between patients that can be transmitted via the tear film.

Tonomate prisms are ideal for use with D-KAT, Keeler’s digital applanation tonometer. D-KAT is available in R-type and T-type variants for -H- style slit lamps and as a Z-type model for Z-style slit lamps. It features fewer moving parts compared to conventional applanation tonometers and an LED display makes it easy to read in the dark.

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New President for Keeler USA

Instrument manufacturer welcomes Eva Kosanovic
Broomall, Pennsylvania (October 5, 2015) – Keeler Instruments Inc., a Halma company, has appointed a new president. Eva Kosanovic has joined Keeler following the retirement of longtime president David Keeler.


Eva Kosanovic, President, Keeler USA

Kosanovic will serve as a key member of the UK-based Keeler Group executive board, contributing to group-wide strategy, in addition to leading North, South and Central American sales and operations. Keeler supplies a range of ophthalmoscopes, slit lamps, tonometers, loupes, and accessories to the ophthalmic, dental, surgical and veterinary industries.

“I very much look forward to building on Keeler’s founding values and heritage, and continuing to strengthen Keeler’s relationships with the current and next generations of eye doctors,” says Kosanovic. “Eye care providers are critical to the future well-being and health of our growing populations around the world.”

Kosanovic comes to Keeler from sister Halma company Apollo Fire Detectors, where she was most recently head of international sales. During her tenure with Apollo, she also held executive roles in product management. Prior to Apollo, she had project and product management positions with Marconi Aerospace and ITT Cannon. Kosanovic earned an MBA from the University of Southampton (Southampton, England) and is a Manufacturing Engineering Graduate of the University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth, England).

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David Keeler Retires from Keeler Instruments Inc. after 50 Years of Service

Broomall, Pennsylvania (July 16, 2015) – Keeler says goodbye and thank you to David Keeler, who recently retired as President of Keeler Instruments Inc. after 50 years of service.


David Keeler, retiring President, Keeler USA

David Keeler, whose grandfather began the Keeler ophthalmic manufacturing company in 1917, joined the family business in 1965 after qualifying as a dispensing optician. He moved to Philadelphia, USA in 1972 as President of Keeler Instruments Inc. where he led a team, supplying Keeler’s high-quality, diagnostic products to ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Keeler USA held a retirement party in David’s honor which was attended by family, friends, employees both past and present, customers, industry contacts and the press.

Jobson Medical Information LLC, publishers of the oldest and most respected Journals Review of Optometry and Review of Ophthalmology attended the event and presented David with its annual Lifetime Achievement Award. Such an award is typically only awarded to doctors who make outstanding contributions to the eye care industry. David is the first recipient who is not a doctor.

Andrew Williams, CEO of Keeler’s parent company, Halma plc, thanked David “for his immense contribution and his 50 years of service to the Keeler Group in his role as President of Keeler Inc.” and wished David “a long and happy retirement.”

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New 40H Slit Lamp from Keeler

High performance, modern design backed by years of experience
Broomall, Pennsylvania (February 4, 2014) – The 40H slit lamp has been meticulously designed by the Keeler team to deliver Keeler’s proven optics and quality construction in an elegant and contemporary design.

The Keeler 40H slit lamp.

The Keeler 40H slit lamp.

The 40H optical system uses Galilean converging binoculars and a rotating five-step drum that offers up to x40 magnification. The tower illumination and slit projection system has continuously variable slit widths between 0-12mm. Blue, red free and neutral density filters and an integral diffuser provide a good visual of the whole eye at low magnification. To assess for Uveitis, a 1mm square graticule is included within the aperture selections.

The controls are perfectly placed for ease of use, without compromising the clean and elegant lines of the product.  An integral yellow barrier filter is conveniently housed in the optics block, which is easily pushed in place when you are looking to detect subtle corneal staining.

The illumination is controlled by a rheostat conveniently positioned adjacent to the gliding joystick. The systems come in standard Halogen lamp or LED illumination which lowers lifetime ownership costs. Keeler also offers a range of optional and diagnostic accessories including R and T type KAT (Keeler Applanation Tonometer) tonometers, for use with the 40H Slitlamp.

Keeler’s 40H is British-designed and -manufactured.

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Accutome, Volk and Keeler AAO Meeting Joint Exhibit Recognized in Best in Show Contest

Malvern, Penn. (January 27, 2014) – The joint exhibit of Accutome, Keeler and Volk at the 2013 American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO) meeting in New Orleans was awarded an Honorable Mention in the exhibition’s Best In Show contest. After this success, the three companies intend to exhibit together again at the 2014 AAO meeting.

Accutome, Keeler, Volk
Accutome, Volk and Keeler AAO Meeting Joint Exhibit Recognized in Best in Show Contest

Accutome, Keeler and Volk offer complementary ophthalmic diagnostic, clinical and surgical products. All are part of Halma, plc, an international group of safety, health and environmental technology companies. The joint exhibit gave busy show visitors a convenient single stop to try out and buy products from all three companies. The new exhibit included a number of hands-on demonstrations for each company’s products.

“Keeler and Volk have been sister companies for almost 20 years. Since Accutome joined the group in 2012, we’ve been looking for additional ways their relationship under the same parent could benefit customers,” explained Adam Meyers, Divisional Chief Executive for Halma. “The joint exhibit was carefully planned for the best customer experience possible while retaining focus on the individual brands.”

The exhibit was chosen for the mention by evaluators from AAO’s Exhibit Effectiveness Evaluation team and Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge. It was recognized for its ease of navigation for show attendees and clear corporate branding for each of the three companies.

According to the show report, the exhibit was “a marketing “how to” successfully combine disparate brands and companies under one exhibit property and still make it easy for attendees to comprehend the connection. From top to bottom, all details of this exhibit were strategically conceived and very well executed.”

For more information on the companies, visit the Halma health optics page.

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New Cryomatic MK II Simplifies Cryo Surgery with Flexible Configuration

Keeler instrument automatically calibrates for disposable and reusable probes
Broomall, Pennsylvania (January 7, 2013) – Keeler’s new Cryomatic MK II cryo-surgery system simplifies ophthalmic cryo procedures with automatic system configuration for different probes.

Cryomatic MK II

The Keeler Cryomatic MK II automatically calibrates for disposable and reusable probes.

Cryomatic MK II’s coupling system allows the user to connect either a disposable or reusable probe without the need for an adaptor. Its software automatically detects the type of probe in use and adjusts the unit accordingly, meaning the unit is ready for use in a matter of minutes.

No purge cycle is required with disposable probes; Cryomatic MK II instantly allows the user to couple single use probes to the console and the device is immediately ready to go.

Cryomatic MK II also has new reusable probes designed for ease of connection. The unit’s integral software will automatically detect and change its parameters for optimal performance and ensure a short purge cycle every time.

The device can be used with either Carbon Dioxide or Nitrous Oxide and the gas pressure is automatically set. The control console provides clear, digital readouts of probe activity and temperature, time elapsed and gas pressure. Probe operation is controlled by a footswitch, leaving the hands free at all times.

Faster and deeper probe freezing, defrosting and re-freezing ensures quicker and more dependable surgical procedures. An automatic back flush facility removes any debris or moisture that may have accumulated, virtually eliminating the risk of blockages. A particle filter is also provided for optimum probe performance and reliability.

Keeler’s Cryomatic MK II is British-designed and -manufactured.

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