New Cryomatic MK II Simplifies Cryo Surgery with Flexible Configuration

Keeler, a world leader in ophthalmic instruments, has introduced the new Cryomatic MK II cryo-surgery system which simplifies cryo procedures by automatically configuring the system for use.

Cryomatic MK II’s new coupling system allows the user to connect either a disposable or reusable probe without the need for an adaptor. New software automatically detects the type of probe in use and adjusts the unit accordingly, meaning the unit is ready for use in a matter of minutes.


No purge cycle is required with disposable probes; Cryomatic MK II instantly allows the user to couple single use probes to the console and the device is immediately ready to go.

Cryomatic MK II also has new reusable probes designed for ease of connection. The unit’s integral software will automatically detect and change its parameters for optimal performance and ensure a short purge cycle every time.

The device can be used with either Carbon Dioxide or Nitrous Oxide and the gas pressure is automatically set. The control console provides clear, digital readouts of probe activity and temperature, time elapsed and gas pressure. Probe operation is controlled by a footswitch, leaving the hands free at all times. The whole system is quick and easy to set up, a major advantage if experienced staff are not always available.

Faster and deeper probe freezing, defrosting and re-freezing ensures quicker and more dependable surgical procedures. An automatic back flush facility removes any debris or moisture that may have accumulated, virtually eliminating the risk of blockages. A particle filter is also provided for optimum probe performance and reliability.

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Keeler Appoints New Sales Manager for UK Ophthalmology

Lynn Rennison has been appointed as the new Sales Manager at Keeler, the long-established UK manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments. Lynn will be responsible for Ophthalmology in the UK and will join the sales team at Keeler’s factory and head office in Windsor.

Lynn brings a wealth of experience to the role. After a career in nursing (with nine years as a Sister) Lynn took the decision to move into medical sales, working as Regional Manager for Jomed, Cook Medical, and most recently as European Distributor Manager at Kimal Ltd. During her sales career, Lynn has earned a string of sales achievement awards.


At Keeler, Lynn will be focussing on ophthalmology markets, promoting the launch of Keeler’s new range of Symphony Slit Lamps and D-KAT Digital Applanation Tonometers.

Lynn commented: “Keeler has a tremendous name in optometry and ophthalmology and I am joining at an exciting time, with several major new products being introduced. Keeler places a great emphasis on building long lasting relationships with its distributors and customers, and I am looking forward to working with all of them.”

Roy Stoner, Regional Manager for UK and Europe, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Lynn to the Keeler UK team. With her tremendous experience in medical device sales, and her hospital background, she brings a wealth of experience which will benefit Keeler and our customers alike.”

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Keeler Introduces Digital Applanation Tonometer D-KAT

Keeler has developed D-KAT, a digital version of its popular KAT applanation tonometer.

D-KAT was launched recently at the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons Congress in Amsterdam and received a strong reception.

“We had many orders placed from the UK and Europe and as far away as Australia. We have a fantastic product that I believe can be the number one choice for digital applanation tonometers worldwide,” said David Ferris, Keeler’s Product Manager.


D-KAT has an LED display and internal electronics that allows the fast and accurate measurement of intraocular pressure. The illuminated display facilitates easy readings, even in a darkened examination room. D-KAT is available in both Fixed and Take-away variants and, like KAT, is compatible with most Haag Streit-type slit lamps.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, D-KAT delivers reliability and ease of use associated with the Keeler name. It is the latest addition to the Keeler family of quality tonometers for glaucoma diagnosis. In addition to KAT, Keeler manufactures non-contact tonometers, Pulsair Desktop and Pulsair intellipuff.


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Keeler Scholar Gains Experience at Shiley Eye Center

Keeler Scholarship winner, Richard Scawn, is thoroughly enjoying his Orbital and Oculoplastic fellowship at the renowned Shiley Eye Center, University of California, San Diego.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Kikkawa and Dr. Korn, Richard has been gaining experience in thyroid eye disease management, orbital trauma, oculofacial reconstruction and endoscopic surgery techniques. In addition to his clinical work he has been engaged in research and also collaborated with the engineering department on medical device development.

Image: Richard Scawn (centre) with mentors Dr. Kikkawa (L) and Dr. Korn (R)

Richard said, “I am very grateful to Keeler and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists for this scholarship. It has given me the unique opportunity to experience an excellent fellowship at the University of California, San Diego.”

Image: Richard Scawn using his Keeler loupes and coaxial LED headlight

The Keeler Scholarship is awarded every two years by the Trustees of the Keeler Trust after interviewing short-listed applicants. It enables scholars to study, research or acquire special skills at a suitable location around the world, for the subsequent benefit of ophthalmology in the UK. Applicants must be fellows, members or affiliates of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the next Keeler Scholarship will be awarded in February 2014.

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Keeler Launches its New Slit Lamp

Slitlamp 40H, by Keeler, is a brand new slit lamp, meticulously designed and developed by the Windsor Keeler team.

Slitlamp 40H features world class Keeler optics, crafted with nearly 100 years’ experience, housed in an elegant and contemporary design.  The optical system uses Galilean converging binoculars and a rotating five-step drum that offers up to x40 magnification.


The tower illumination and slit projection system has continuously variable slit widths between 0-12mm; blue, red free and neutral density filters and an integral diffuser provide a good visual of the whole eye at low magnification. To assess for Uveitis, a 1mm square graticule is included within the aperture selections.

An integral yellow fluorescein barrier filter is conveniently housed in the optics block which is ready to take the R type KAT (Keeler Applanation Tonometer). The illumination is controlled by a rheostat conveniently positioned adjacent to the gliding joystick.

Slitlamp 40H combines modern technology and classic style to create a high performance slit lamp. For more information, please visit the website at or speak to Colin West at Keeler on +44 (0)1753 827 161.

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New Keeler UK Marketing Manager

Laura Haverley has been appointed as Keeler’s UK Marketing Manager. Laura previously held the position of Senior Product Manager where she promoted Keeler’s mainline direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes worldwide.


Keeler has changed the way it sells its products and is now working through a strong distribution network in the UK in addition to its online shop. In her new role, Laura will focus solely on marketing Keeler products in the UK and will also work to strengthen Keeler’s relationships with its new partners and distributors.

Laura commented: “I am eager to return my focus back to the UK and meet old friends and new associates. Keeler is moving in a new direction and it is exciting to be here at such a defining moment.”

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Keeler Donates Portable Slit Lamp to Mumbai Outreach Programme

“It’s all about helping to save eyesight,” said Colin West of Keeler as he donated a Keeler Portable Slit Lamp to the Lotus Eye Hospital and College of Optometry in Mumbai, India.
PSL_donated to Lotus_Hosp_and_College_blog
On a visit to the college, Keeler learned of the great work carried out by the undergraduate students and faculty staff in the Dharavi slum of Mumbai. The slum has a population of over 1 million and has a tremendous need for assistance in all areas of healthcare.
The PSL Slit Lamp will complement other portable devices used by the College in this outreach programme and will also be in great demand in their busy paediatric clinic run by Dr. Neepa Thacker Dave.

Receiving the PSL, the principle Ms.Prema Chande said: “The outreach programmes are important to us and are a constant reminder to the students of what our aims are. The slit lamp will make a real difference to our work both in the community and in the paediatric unit.”

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Keeler Works with its Partners and will Launch a New Product at Optrafair

Working with its new distribution partners, Keeler products will now be available on several distributor stands at this year’s Optrafair. Keeler partners include Birmingham Optical, Topcon, Mainline, Carleton Optical, Hanson Instruments, Grafton Optical, BiB Ophthalmic Instruments, Bondeye, Stat One Services and Ulster Anaesthetics.

As usual, Keeler will also have its own Eye Shop at the stand and customers can purchase its extensive line of existing products such as Specialist Ophthalmoscopes, Professional Retinoscopes, KAT Tonometers and various practice essentials; the popular Pulsair family of tonometers will also be available.

Keeler will be launching its brand new Symphony Slit Lamp at this year’s show. Symphony has been crafted by the Keeler team to combine modern technology, high-quality optics into a classic, elegant design and will be available for demonstration. The latest portable Classic Slit Lamp will also be on display.
Free engraving on Keeler handles and Volk lenses is available for any products bought at the stand and Keeler will give away a Specialist Ophthalmoscope by prize draw every day of the show. To make any purchases, or have a browse and demonstration of any Keeler products, please visit Stand G40.

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Keeler Introduces New Spectra Iris Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Spectra Iris is a new addition to Keeler’s indirect ophthalmoscope range. It has been specifically designed as a compact, lightweight and portable indirect with an adjustable aperture for all pupil sizes.

Spectra Iris features an adjustable aperture slider that easily changes the aperture between 20mm to 60mm to match pupil size and improve examination. The unit has variable PD (pupil distance) settings between 48 and 76mm, there are no restrictions on the user – simply adjust the PD as necessary.
The indirect system is supplied with Keeler’s lightweight wraparound Sport Frames designed to ensure maximum comfort and balance; the indirect can also fit over the top of spectacles.

An in-built bright, homogenous LED light source eliminates the need for bulb replacements and allows up to four hours of continuous use. The entire optical unit and light pod can be flipped up to allow direct eye contact when talking to a patient or writing up notes. Spectra Iris can be packed away in its neat carrying case or hung around the user’s neck when not in use. The compact lithium ion battery can be clipped on to a belt or stored in its charger when not in use.

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Richard Scawn Awarded Keeler Scholarship

In conjunction with The Royal College of Ophthalmology, Keeler has awarded Richard Scawn its scholarship worth £30 000.

The money will fund Richard’s fellowship in orbital and oculofacial plastic reconstructive surgery at the University of California, San Diego. Over two years, Richard will gain special experience in endoscopic surgery, thyroid eye disease treatment and facial reconstruction as well as participating in on-going university research. His current post is Specialist Registrar at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, set to complete in August at which time he will leave for the USA.

Richard comments, “This is a fantastic fellowship opportunity. I am extremely grateful to Keeler for providing such a generous scholarship to make this experience possible. I look forward to utilising my knowledge and contributing to ophthalmology on my return to the United Kingdom.”

The Keeler Scholarship was established in 1990 and is awarded every two years. Its purpose is to give young ophthalmologists the opportunity to study, research or gain special skills, knowledge or experience in ophthalmology at specialist centres of excellence for at least six months. Richard will join the impressive list of 12 Keeler alumni who were awarded the Keeler Scholarship and completed specialist training that subsequently benefitted ophthalmology in the UK and abroad.

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