Putting Employees First for 100 Years


Judy Meaks, 80, who has been with Keeler for 53 years.

Keeler’s employees have always been integral to the company’s success. Of Keeler’s first eight key personnel – all vital in building the business in the early years from 1917 to around 1935 – six left school at the age 14, including the founder.

“They were all fighters, all hands-on, very practical people. They all came from humble beginnings, including my grandfather. What drove them? What made them so hardworking, so dedicated, so intuitive? There’s a common thread: they all had a great willingness to serve the customer.” Those are the words of Richard Keeler, who was Managing Director from 1970 until his retirement in 1986.

There are still many employees who have been with the company for over 30 years, helping to maintain the company’s very close-knit, family tradition. The longest-serving person is Judy Meaks, now 80, an instrument assembler who has been with Keeler for 53 years.

Commenting on her many years of loyal service, Judy said: “I love it here, I really do. It’s always been hands-on; the best thing has been learning on the job. The people are nice and I’m lucky to live close by.”

Another ‘lifer’ is Steve Marriott, the Site Services Manager, who has 43 years’ service with Keeler. “I cover the company’s history in my induction talk to new employees. I’m fascinated by it; and it’s a pleasure to pass on the little bits I know about the characters, the products and the culture that has made Keeler so special.”

These and many other employees clearly have a love for Keeler and are proud to have remained loyal for so many years. This is a huge testament to the company’s status as an employer that puts its workers first.

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