Producing Innovative Products for Almost 100 Years


Since Keeler’s inception in 1917 the company has gone on to become a world-leader in the manufacture of innovative, award-winning ophthalmic instruments.

It started when Charles Henry Keeler, the founder’s son, patented his first instrument – a combined retinoscope and ophthalmoscope – in 1926. Major product launches in the following years included the Fison indirect ophthalmoscope in 1959 and the Micro Ophthalmic surgical unit and Vernon Ingram Ruby laser in 1965.

The British Design Award was awarded to Keeler’s Pocket Diagnostic Set in 1979, the Vickers Microsurgery Set in 1982 and the Pulsair non-contact tonometer in in 1987. The Pulsair also won the Duke of Edinburgh’s Designer’s Prize in 1988 and the highly prestigious Queen’s Award in 1989.

The first Vantage indirect ophthalmoscope was launched in the 1990s, and in the 2000s an array of products were brought to the market, including the first wireless indirect ophthalmoscope, a lighter Specialist ophthalmoscope, the Cryomatic cryogenic unit, the PSL Classic portable slit lamp and, most recently, the Symphony slit lamp range.

Keeler continues to innovate and lead the field in ophthalmic instruments as we head towards the 2020s.

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