Looking forward to the future

Abbas Sotoudeh, Keeler’s Managing Director

At 100 years old, Keeler is looking forward to the future with optimism. With access to the resources of its parent company, Halma plc, Keeler can make bigger strides than it could on its own. It also has access to a valuable resource – people to collaborate with within its sister Halma companies, such as Volk Optical.

Keeler is growing its influence in the Far East (with a strong team in place in China), India and the Middle East. It has local hubs or key distributors, or both, in developing countries.
These hubs are being encouraged to go into local production.

It is also establishing new markets in places like Africa through its links with UK Charities which support African communities; these are the customers of the future.

Keeler’s Managing Director Abbas Sotoudeh says, “We’ve been actively going out, finding out about markets around the world. What do they need and what are their immediate issues? This has really deepened innovation and growth.”

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