Keeler helping eyecare project in Malawi


Keeler has donated an ophthalmoscope/retinoscope set to a group of Cardiff University students for an eyecare trip to Malawi this August. The team of 12 second year undergraduate optometry students will spend a month in the country, providing free vision screenings, donating second-hand spectacles to local communities and teaching refraction to doctors in local hospitals.

“We’ll be will split into two teams of six, with one team based in Blantyre and the other in Lilongwe,” says Sorcha O’Hara, one of the students. “Both teams will be refracting the local community and will have the opportunity to observe ocular surgery and teach refraction within the local hospitals. The Lilongwe team will also give lectures to the hospital staff as well as carrying out sight tests at a local orphanage.

“We’re delighted with Keeler’s donation, which will go a long way to ensuring our mission to Malawi is a success.

“Last year, a similar refraction project in Malawi by Cardiff University students helped over 2,000 Malawians experience the expert level of eye care we take for granted. 1,500 people also received free spectacles, along with free hats and sunglasses for those who suffer with albinism, which is common in Malawi,” concluded Sorcha.

“We’re always very happy to support this kind of charitable work,” says Laura Haverley, Keeler’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “We believe passionately that eye care and preventing vision loss are critical to overall health and quality of life.”

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  1. Fiona says:

    I wonder do Keeler, or Cardiff Uni realise that there is a diploma programme training optometric technicians and a degree programme training optometrists in Malawi. For a more sustainable approach collaborating with the existing programmes within the country would be better rather than unqualified students providing training.

  2. Thank you Fiona. We are actively supporting the Optometry Diploma in Malawi via the NGO network, but we also support any trainees that want to be more involved in overseas projects. We offer support globally to any volunteers who can help make a difference testing vision in more remote areas. Please feel free to contact me at for any other projects we support.

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