Help Keeler Celebrate its 100th Anniversary at Optrafair

Keeler is turning 100 just a few weeks after this year’s Optrafair exhibition (1-3 April). There’s sure to be a lot of Centennial celebrations going on at the company’s Optrafair booth (number G50) so please drop by and say hello!


As well as celebrating its Century, Keeler will of course be exhibiting its extensive product range, including:

  • The Symphony range of slit lamps (Zeiss-type and Haag Streit-type, both with digital capability)
  • The Pulsair Intellipuff non-contact tonometer
  • The Specialist ophthalmoscope and Professional retinoscope, now both with LED lighting
  • The PSL portable slit lamp
  • The Desktop Tonometer
  • Vantage LED and Spectra Iris indirect ophthalmoscopes
  • Volk lenses

Keeler works closely with a number of key optical partners, including Birmingham Optical, BIB, Hanson Instruments, Mainline Optical, Topcon and Bondeye. All will be showing Keeler’s products and offering some special deals at the show.

The company looks forward to welcoming you to its booth and hopes you will join in celebrating 100 years of British ophthalmic success!

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