New Z Series Slit Lamp from Keeler

Lower illumination system with 1 mm square aperture and 14 mm slit width

The new Z Series slit lamp incorporates Keeler’s proven quality optics and construction in a lower illumination Z-type system, with flexible features and options for comprehensive examination of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Part of the Symphony range, it is the only slit lamp currently available with a 1 mm square aperture and 14 mm variable slit width, the Z Series also offers manual adjustment of both slit length and width, as well choice of binocular type, magnification range, and full digital upgrade capability.


The Z Series provides a wide range of apertures, both manual and pre-set, quickly adapting to a range of exam needs. Slit width can be manually adjusted from 0-14 mm. Pre-set apertures include 0.2, 2, 3, 5, and 9 mm, 14 mm circle, 1 mm square – specifically designed for assessment of Uveitis, and space reserved for additional pre-set apertures. Slit angle can be continually adjusted 360°. Blue, red-free, clear, and neutral density filters are included, and a flip-up diffuser provides a good visual of the whole eye at low magnification. A yellow barrier filter is included to detect subtle corneal staining.

Keeler offers a choice of converging or parallel binoculars with the Z Series, to suit user preference. It is available with either a 3-step rotating drum for 10 x to 25 x magnification, or a 5-step rotating drum for 6 x to 40 x magnification. Mounting options include refraction arm table mount or rolling table mount configurations.

All of the slit lamp parameters are easily adjusted, with an illumination control rheostat conveniently positioned adjacent to the gliding joystick. The LED illumination provides consistent performance and lowers lifetime ownership costs. The Z-Series includes a digital-ready system, with integrated shutter trigger on the joystick and camera exposure controls on the base.

The Z Series is part of Keeler’s comprehensive Symphony range of slit lamp systems, designed to suit a range of doctor preferences and practice needs. The range also includes the K Series H-type lower illumination systems, Q Series full digital H- and Z-type systems, and PSL handheld slit lamps. Keeler also offers a full range of digital applanation tonometers for its slit lamps.

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