Keeler Launches Goldmann-Style Applanation Tonometer

Keeler has launched its first Applanation Tonometer to rival the Goldmann. The Keeler Applanation Tonometer, KAT, is designed and manufactured in Windsor to an exacting standard and completes the Keeler family of quality tonometers for glaucoma diagnosis.


KAT uses the ‘Goldmann method’ of measuring intraocular pressure of the eye, calculating the force required to flatten a constant area of the cornea using a special prism mounted on the tonometer head and placed against the cornea. A precision instrument, KAT has been developed to the highest quality with durable, mechanical parts that can withstand heavy hospital use. It has been engineered to ensure a smooth operation with the reliability that comes with the Keeler name.

Marketing Manager, Colin West, commented on Keeler’s latest innovation:
“We have applied 21st Century design techniques to an old established principle to deliver a premium quality instrument and we are very pleased with the results. KAT sits perfectly alongside our successful range of Pulsair non-contact tonometers to complete the range.”

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