New Keeler Mini Loupes

Keeler now offers ultra light mini loupes at 2.5x magnification that weighs just 34 grams on the bar.

Mini Loupes

Mini Loupes offer the same superior optics as Keeler’s standard Galilean system providing excellent patient visualisation at a working distance of 34-50 cm while minimising edge distortion. 26% lighter than the standard Galilean Loupes system, Keeler’s Mini Loupes provide comfort, featuring a ‘flip up’ hinge system that allows the user flexibility on viewing and posture angles. The Loupes are attached to a metal mounting bar that ensures total optical stability while in use.

Ultra light and comfortable, Keeler’s Mini Loupes are designed to excel in optical clarity with minimal compromise in field of view. For more information, please visit the company website at   

Magnification is now recognised as an essential tool for the surgical, dental and veterinary professional. Patients often also feel more comfortable and at ease with the increased personal space provided by the greater working distance.

4 Responses to “New Keeler Mini Loupes”

  1. uthman says:

    I would like to buy a surgical loop 2.5
    Can i have the contact of your dealer at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Thank you

  2. SAUVION Marie-Hélène says:

    Nous sommes Distributeur Spécialisé Domaine Chirugical et Esthétique, nous serions intéressé par la distribution de votre gamme Loupes.

    Avez-vous déja un Distributeur.

    Bien cordialement
    Marie-Hélène Sauvion

  3. katherine says:

    Marie-Hélène Sauvion,
    Thank you for your comment. Your details have been passed on to the appropriate person at Keeler.
    Thank you.