A new portable version of the K-LED dental loupe light is now available from Keeler. The low-cost single battery K-LED boasts the same great features of the original version and comes with a kit bag and accessories to enable portability.

Portable K-LED

A 3 watt LED provides an 18 000 lux circular beam of bright, homogenous light. The K-LED is simply clipped to the front of the loupe bar and powered by a lightweight, rechargeable Lithium battery which provides over 4 hours of continuous use. A compact charger is included.

It is easy to fit and can be retrofitted to all Keeler loupe and frame combinations. An optional universal clip also allows fitting to most metal frames.

In addition, On/Off or variable power intensity versions are now available for both K-LED options.

Magnification using dental loupes is now recognised as an essential tool for the dental professional, improving working posture, reducing eye strain and providing a clearer working view. Patients often also feel more comfortable and at ease with the increased personal space provided by the greater working distance afforded by loupes.

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