Monitor Controls Divested from Halma plc

Elevator fixture company sold to Innovation Industries Inc
Hauppauge, N.Y. (June 2, 2014) – Halma plc has divested Monitor Controls, part of its Infrastructure Safety sector. The elevator fixture manufacturer was sold to Innovation Industries Inc on May 30, 2014. Janus Elevator Products, also part of Halma’s Infrastructure Safety sector, is not affected by the sale.

While Monitor Controls and Janus Elevator have had a close operating relationship since each was acquired by Halma, Monitor Controls was spun off as an independent company in 2011. The sale of Monitor Controls aligns Halma’s Infrastructure Safety sector more closely with its mission to “detect hazards to protect assets and people in public spaces and commercial buildings.” Janus safety edges, emergency phones, and digital displays promote safe elevator travel and security.

“It will be business as usual for Janus following the sale of Monitor,” said Mike Byrne, Janus president. “We will continue to focus on delivering elevator safety and communications products with excellent customer service and engineering support. Looking forward, we’re excited to roll out the new Panorama Multimedia Ultra-Wide LCD display and continue to develop our Panachrome line of unique elevator detection and visual warning edges.”

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Janus Elevator Products Spins off Monitor Controls

Elevator fixture line to operate independently of safety edge and communication business

Hauppauge, N.Y. (September 23, 2011) – The Board of Directors of Janus Elevator Products, Inc., has unanimously approved a separation of the company’s two core businesses – Janus elevator safety edges and Monitor Controls elevator fixtures. The board plans for Janus Elevator Products to continue as an independent company focused on its safety edge, emergency phone, and digital display components business, and spin-off its Monitor Controls elevator fixtures and touch-panel display business into an independent company. Each business has leading consumer brands and the new structure, effective October 1, 2011, will allow each to better serve its customers.

The new company, named Monitor Controls Inc., will continue to provide elevator fixtures and touch-panel display technology for the elevator industry. Rob Isabelle, currently vice president of engineering and manufacturing, will lead the new Monitor as president. Monitor will join Janus in Halma p.l.c.’s elevator division, along with TLJones, Memco and E-Motive.

As an independent entity, Monitor will be able to more effectively address customer priorities with cost effective and innovative solutions, as well as enhance its operational efficiency. Janus will retain its elevator safety edge, emergency phone, and digital display businesses. Mike Byrne will continue as president of Janus.

Both companies are well-positioned for the split with financial strength, flexibility and highly skilled, dedicated employees. The transition is expected to be transparent to customers. All current orders will be processed without interruption.

“The separation of these businesses will allow Janus to better execute a focused strategy to the benefit of consumers of all our product lines,” said Mike Byrne, Janus president. “In March we outlined a plan to address the changing requirements of our customers. Since then, we have observed the acceleration of these market trends, which has led us to take additional steps to transform Janus to meet emerging opportunities.”

“Monitor can now more effectively focus on enhancing service and streamlining the introduction of new products than we could as an operating segment of Janus,” said Rob Isabelle, president of Monitor Controls Inc. “With a renewed focus on our core design and manufacturing business, continued investment in new technology and commitment to build on the potential in the display business, we see a bright future for Monitor as an independent company.”

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Janus Vanguard Elevator Fixtures Guarantee Fast Delivery

Functional, economical and attractive car stations and hall lanterns in only three weeks
Hauppauge, N.Y. (August 30, 2011) – The Vanguard Fixtures line from Janus Elevator Products simplifies order and delivery of standard elevator equipment. The ADA, ASME compliant stainless steel fixtures are pre-engineered for low and mid rise elevators, keeping costs and lead times down, and shipment is guaranteed within three weeks of order receipt. In this economical range, a fully compliant car operating panel starts below $1300.

The Janus Vanguard Line shortens elevator fixture lead times to three weeks or less.

The Janus Vanguard Line shortens elevator fixture lead times to three weeks or less.

The Vanguard line includes 24V car operating panels, hall stations, hall lanterns and digital position indicators finished in durable, attractive #4 stainless steel. To shorten drawing and quoting times, Janus’ standard drawing and pricing sheets allow customers to quickly design and calculate the cost of a package that fits project needs and budget. 

Package options are now available for elevators with up to 12 stops (in any combination of front or rear entrances). The car operating panel fits requirements for 2004 and above ASME codes. Fire service cabinets are available with any key switch: J series, Yale, or Medeco, in compliance with 2004 and 2007 codes.

Digital display, hands-free phone, and fire service cabinet are standard on all car operating panels and included in the base price. Stainless steel studless push buttons eliminate the possibility of broken weld studs, minimizing maintenance. Vanguard push buttons are illuminated with a blue LED halo as standard. Hall lanterns are available with a choice of red, green, or white illumination. The fixtures meet all ASME17.1 2004 or later safety requirements.

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Janus Elevator Products Adds New Representative

Patton and Uzelac join manufacturer of elevator and communications safety equipment
Hauppauge, N.Y. (July 18, 2011) – Janus Elevator Products has expanded its sales force with a new representative in the southern United States.  Jane Patton has been appointed Regional Sales Manager, providing sales and service support for Janus’ full range of elevator safety edges, fixtures, phones and display products.

Jane Patton, Regional Sales Manger, Janus Elevator Products

Jane Patton, Regional Sales Manger, Janus Elevator Products

Patton comes to Janus with 10 years of technical outside sales experience, most recently with Elite Technical (Orlando, Fla.) as Director of Business Development.  As a Regional Sales Manager for Janus, Patton will cover seven southern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.  Patton can be reached at 407-416-8249,

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Janus Launches New Website

Brings together company’s four product lines on a single site
Hauppauge, N.Y. (January 18, 2010) –Janus Elevator Products has brought all of its product lines together in the virtual world on its new website at  Elevator contractors, consultants and customers can now browse detailed product information for the company’s full line of fixtures, phones, displays and edges.

The new

The new

“We’ve always had all of our product lines together in one physical location, but since incorporating the Monitor Controls fixture line and EMS phone lines several years ago, we’ve been maintaining the websites unique to each product line for customer convenience,” explained Janus President Mike Byrne.  “Now that everyone is familiar with these brands as part of Janus, we can consolidate.”

In addition to one-stop surfing, the new site has a clutter-free design with intuitive navigation.  Users can quickly move between product lines and series within product lines, or jump right to related accessories.  Information is given in quick useful bites with data and instruction sheets available to download for in-depth review.

One of the areas most helpful to contractors and consultants is the Forms Page where downloadable Pricing forms make it easy to submit concise specs for quoting, and Survey forms facilitate documentation of existing job site conditions.

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Janus E-Motive Customized Displays Supplied to London Underground

LED screens enhance communication
Hauppauge, N.Y. (September 16, 2009) –E-Motive LED displays have been installed in renovated stations of London’s Underground.  Available from Janus Elevator Products in the United States, the LED screens were custom-designed for the project.

London Underground BLOG

E-Motive was approached by Dewhurst, the elevator component supplier, following a request for a new specification of display from their client, a major elevator manufacturer.  The displays needed to be very bright – to make them easily visible from a distance – and able to show elevator position, upper and lower case letters, as well as both standard and customized messages.

Due to the different elevator car sizes found in the nine Underground stations concerned, the displays also had to be supplied in two non-standard lengths, with a provisional design made for a third version, yet to be delivered.  By adapting its existing range of long displays and modifying the relevant software, E-Motive was able to quickly supply screens that met the project specifications.

“Our client was amazed by the speed of E-Motive’s response,” said Mike Leach, head of European elevator sales at Dewhurst. “Within a week of their enquiry, they’d been sent a photo, and a week later they received a product sample.”

The company’s E-Motive Display line is a recognized industry leader in elevator display and monitoring technology. Screens are interfaced with the elevator controller to automatically display elevator position and direction.  Janus offers a wide selection of displays and monitoring systems, ranging from simple dot-matrix directional displays to the high-end, full-color multimedia screens.  Select models can be programmed to provide live TV feeds, video clips, animations, still ads, stock market information and any combination of fixed or variable text messages.

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Janus Hits One Out of the Park at New Yankee Stadium

Custom elevator fixtures contribute to high-end feel of new ballpark
Hauppauge, N.Y. (July 27, 2009)  –  When the New York Yankees’ new Stadium was built, visitor convenience was increased by upgrading from only three elevators at the old park to sixteen in the new Yankee Stadium.  To maximize elevator usability, Janus Elevator Products was selected to supply custom E-Motive LED displays.  The highly visible hall position indicators and lanterns communicate landing information, elevator arrival and custom scrolling messages.


The Stadium design called for 7-foot displays to be mounted above eight elevators in the Great Hall and on the 300 level landing.  The unusually large panels needed to be capable of showing floor landing information in words rather than numbers, bright enough to be seen from a distance, and meet a number of other aesthetic requirements to blend with the Stadium’s architecture. 

Janus worked closely with the project’s elevator contractor, KONE (, to develop a fixture unlike any conventional landing display.  Each unit included a 5-foot long custom E-Motive dot matrix LED screen flanked by large LED arrival lanterns.  In order to increase brightness and visibility, custom 8mm white LEDs were sourced and the screens fit with anti-glare plastic.  The enclosure was custom engineered with concealed fasteners and a hinging mechanism to facilitate installation and service. 

“Janus Elevator and KONE worked together for more than a year to engineer the custom 7-foot long hall position indicators for Yankee Stadium,” says KONE Project Manager Heather Millard. “I want to extend a sincere thank you to the Janus team for thinking outside of the traditional fixture box, their patience throughout the long design period and everyone’s extra effort to complete the project on time and within budget.”

The dot matrix display provides landing information for the Field, Main, H&R Block Suite and Terrace/Grandstand levels.  Additionally, the screens are programmed with scrolling elevator status and emergency messages, providing a unique way to communicate with park visitors as they wait for an elevator to arrive.

Yankee Stadium opened for its first season on April 16, 2009.  The Stadium has incorporated a number of features to make it the most fan-friendly park in Major League Baseball.  Handicap accessibility has been significantly increased with the additional elevators, wider concourses and added wheelchair and companion seating.

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Janus Donates Masks to EESF’s Safe-T Rider Program

Masks of program’s Safe T Rider mascot to be used in children’s education
Hauppauge, N.Y. (March 18, 2009) –  In support of the educational programs of the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF), Janus Elevator Products has donated nine masks of Safe T Rider, the cartoon mascot used by the foundation to educate children about elevator and escalator safety.


Safe-T Rider is a character developed by the EESF to teach young children, one of the most at risk groups for injury, safety rules for riding on elevators, escalators and moving walks.  The rapping cartoon cat is featured in interactive videos, on program materials and makes classroom visits to educate children in person.  The masks will be used as part of the costume worn by EESF volunteers who give the classroom presentations as “Safe T Rider.”

The masks were designed and made by Janus Product Manager, Jonathan Latham, who has been sculpting and making masks for over 20 years.  He first created a sculpture of the lovable cat’s face, then cast it in plaster.  Once the cast was made, he was able to use it to create multiple latex masks.  Each mask was hand painted and finished with Safe T Rider’s signature fur and goatee.

“Janus applauds the work of the EESF,” said Latham. “As a non-profit, the organization depends on the support of our industry; these masks are just one more way Janus can help them increase safety for children.”

The Safe-T Rider program has educated over 4 million children, parents and teachers since its inception.  The EESF also offers educational programs for seniors, another at risk group, and promotes safety to the public at large with National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week each November.

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Changi Airport Installs E-Motive Multimedia Elevator Displays

High end look and enhanced communication for Singapore airport
Hauppauge, N.Y. (July 8, 2008) – Changi International Airport has installed 33 E-Motive EAVIS multimedia elevator displays in its recently opened third terminal in Singapore.  Available from Janus Elevator Products in the United States, the high resolution text and multi-media LCD screens display floor number, direction, date and time, as well as information on arrivals and departures, duty free shopping and security, and live TV feeds.


Commenting on the installation Janus’ Vice President of Sales, Patricia Seniw, said, “The initial seven EAVIS displays installed in Changi Airport’s Terminal Two proved so successful that E-Motive was asked to supply the additional displays for the third terminal.  Our displays lend a high-end finish to this prestigious installation.”

EAVIS displays are interfaced with the elevator controller and can be programmed to provide live TV feeds, video clips, animations, still ads, stock market information and any combination of fixed or variable text messages.  Time and date information can also be automatically updated.  Building personnel have complete flexibility to program desired content through easy to use MS Windows® based software. 

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Janus Elevator Products Expands with New Representatives and Location

Dicker and Howard join manufacturer of elevator and communications safety equipment
Hauppauge, N.Y. (May 15, 2008) – Janus Elevator Products has expanded its sales force with two experienced representatives in the Western Region.  Diana Dicker and Patricia Howard have been appointed Regional Sales Managers, providing sales and service support for Janus’ full range of elevator safety edges, fixtures, phones and display products.

 Diana Dicker

Dicker comes to Janus with 15 years of elevator experience, most recently with Otis as a Service Account Manager in northern California.  As a Regional Sales Manager for Janus, Diana will cover 12 western states including Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah.  Dicker can be reached at 916-966-1352,

 Patricia Howard

Howard joins Janus with over 10 years of elevator experience in the Southern California area.  She has previously worked as a Senior Account Manager for ThyssenKrupp.  Her territory will include the Metro Los Angeles and San Diego areas.  Howard will also be responsible for establishing a stocking location for Janus products (safety edges, phones and some parts) in the L.A. area.  This new location, expected to be operational by September of 2008, will enable Janus to deliver select products faster and at a lower cost along the West Coast.  Howard can be reached at 877-JANUS70,

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