Janus Vanguard Elevator Fixtures Guarantee Fast Delivery

Functional, economical and attractive car stations and hall lanterns in only three weeks
Hauppauge, N.Y. (August 30, 2011) – The Vanguard Fixtures line from Janus Elevator Products simplifies order and delivery of standard elevator equipment. The ADA, ASME compliant stainless steel fixtures are pre-engineered for low and mid rise elevators, keeping costs and lead times down, and shipment is guaranteed within three weeks of order receipt. In this economical range, a fully compliant car operating panel starts below $1300.

The Janus Vanguard Line shortens elevator fixture lead times to three weeks or less.

The Janus Vanguard Line shortens elevator fixture lead times to three weeks or less.

The Vanguard line includes 24V car operating panels, hall stations, hall lanterns and digital position indicators finished in durable, attractive #4 stainless steel. To shorten drawing and quoting times, Janus’ standard drawing and pricing sheets allow customers to quickly design and calculate the cost of a package that fits project needs and budget. 

Package options are now available for elevators with up to 12 stops (in any combination of front or rear entrances). The car operating panel fits requirements for 2004 and above ASME codes. Fire service cabinets are available with any key switch: J series, Yale, or Medeco, in compliance with 2004 and 2007 codes.

Digital display, hands-free phone, and fire service cabinet are standard on all car operating panels and included in the base price. Stainless steel studless push buttons eliminate the possibility of broken weld studs, minimizing maintenance. Vanguard push buttons are illuminated with a blue LED halo as standard. Hall lanterns are available with a choice of red, green, or white illumination. The fixtures meet all ASME17.1 2004 or later safety requirements.

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