Janus Launches New Website

Brings together company’s four product lines on a single site
Hauppauge, N.Y. (January 18, 2010) –Janus Elevator Products has brought all of its product lines together in the virtual world on its new website at www.januselevator.com.  Elevator contractors, consultants and customers can now browse detailed product information for the company’s full line of fixtures, phones, displays and edges.

The new www.januselevator.com

The new www.januselevator.com

“We’ve always had all of our product lines together in one physical location, but since incorporating the Monitor Controls fixture line and EMS phone lines several years ago, we’ve been maintaining the websites unique to each product line for customer convenience,” explained Janus President Mike Byrne.  “Now that everyone is familiar with these brands as part of Janus, we can consolidate.”

In addition to one-stop surfing, the new site has a clutter-free design with intuitive navigation.  Users can quickly move between product lines and series within product lines, or jump right to related accessories.  Information is given in quick useful bites with data and instruction sheets available to download for in-depth review.

One of the areas most helpful to contractors and consultants is the Forms Page where downloadable Pricing forms make it easy to submit concise specs for quoting, and Survey forms facilitate documentation of existing job site conditions.

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