Elevator display delivers RSS feed with wireless connectivity

E-Motive iS2 from Janus also offers eco-friendly features
Hauppauge, N.Y. (September 30, 2014) – E-Motive’s new iS2 multimedia elevator LCD displays is now available from Janus Elevator Products. The iS2 is the first display to combine RSS feed technology, wireless connectivity and eco-friendly features.

E-Motive is2

E-Motive’s eco-friendly is2 elevator display delivers content via RSS feed with wireless connectivity.

The full-color TFT display provides customized in-car entertainment and information. With high processing capability, the iS2 renders quality high-definition video content and images. The RSS feed streams live web content such as stock tickers and news headlines. Wireless access enables remote delivery of content updates, in addition to monitoring, diagnostic and elevator car surveillance functions.

The product’s screen brightness dimming, LED backlit technology and scheduler for screen power management all reduce LCD power consumption, improving lifespan and satisfying OEMs’ green rating requirements.

The display is available in five sizes, ranging from 10.4 inches to 21.5 inches. The iS2 can be mounted in the car panel, auxiliary car panel, above the door transom and in the landing.

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Ultra-Wide Display for Elevator Multimedia Information and Entertainment

E-Motive Panorama from Janus
Hauppauge, N.Y. (July 21, 2014) – E-Motive’s new Panorama range of multimedia elevator displays is now available from Janus Elevator Products. The ultra-wide LCDs provide customized in-car entertainment and information with a design specifically optimized for elevator use.

Janus Panorama

The Panorama’s ultra wide aspect ratio enables flexible screen layouts with multiple information zones.

The Panorama’s ultra-wide aspect ratio makes the best use of available elevator space. It can be oriented landscape in the elevator transom or portrait in the car front return panel. Flexible custom screen layouts are programmed by building management to display any combination desired of information including floor number, elevator direction, static or scrolling messages, synchronized floor directories, advertisements, live feeds, and video clips.

Panorama is available in four screen sizes–19”, 28”, 38” and an industry-first 49” inch widths. The LED-backlit LCD displays have enhanced dynamic contrast and brilliant color depth to provide vivid color images. Screens can be configured locally using USB or remotely from a networked PC. A well designed heat-dissipation system and reliable components ensure uninterrupted service.

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Monitor Controls Divested from Halma plc

Elevator fixture company sold to Innovation Industries Inc
Hauppauge, N.Y. (June 2, 2014) – Halma plc has divested Monitor Controls, part of its Infrastructure Safety sector. The elevator fixture manufacturer was sold to Innovation Industries Inc on May 30, 2014. Janus Elevator Products, also part of Halma’s Infrastructure Safety sector, is not affected by the sale.

While Monitor Controls and Janus Elevator have had a close operating relationship since each was acquired by Halma, Monitor Controls was spun off as an independent company in 2011. The sale of Monitor Controls aligns Halma’s Infrastructure Safety sector more closely with its mission to “detect hazards to protect assets and people in public spaces and commercial buildings.” Janus safety edges, emergency phones, and digital displays promote safe elevator travel and security.

“It will be business as usual for Janus following the sale of Monitor,” said Mike Byrne, Janus president. “We will continue to focus on delivering elevator safety and communications products with excellent customer service and engineering support. Looking forward, we’re excited to roll out the new Panorama Multimedia Ultra-Wide LCD display and continue to develop our Panachrome line of unique elevator detection and visual warning edges.”

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Janus Elevator Opens New Web Store

Purchase elevator phones, line monitoring, intercom systems and safety edges at www.januselevatoronlinestore.com
Hauppauge, N.Y. (June 13, 2013) –Janus Elevator Products has opened a new online store at www.januselevatoronlinestore.com. Developed for the convenience of U.S.-based elevator contractors and end users, the shop carries a broad inventory of ADA compliant elevator phones and communication equipment by EMS, elevator displays by E-Motive, and Janus elevator safety edges including the premium Panachrome.


Purchase Janus elevator phones, line monitoring, intercom systems and safety edges at www.januselevatoronlinestore.com

Customers familiar with Janus products can quickly navigate to and add products to their cart while the site’s Order Builder configuration tool assists new and existing users with selecting the correct products to fit job requirements. Full features and specifications are listed for each product, along with downloadable data sheets. A Comparison Tool lets customers see product details side by side to see feature differences.

The secure site was designed for maximum customer convenience. Registered customers may access their order history for even faster re-ordering. Credit card or PayPal account payments are processed securely through PayPal services. Products ship within three business days of ordering.

For more information, or to order Janus products visit For more information, or to order Janus products visit www.januselevatoronlinestore.com or call 800-527-9156. or call 800-527-9156.


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Rath Elevator Phone Drop-In Replacement from Janus

PNB-R line powered phone from Janus fits existing brackets
Hauppauge, N.Y. (September 7, 2012) – The PNB-R elevator phone from Janus Elevator Products provides an easy-to-install replacement car panel phone. The phone line powered unit, designed expressly as a drop in replacement for Rath phone units, is fully code compliant.

Rath elevator phone drop-in replacement from Janus

Rath elevator phone drop-in replacement from Janus

With a phone line monitoring feature as standard, the PNB-R complies with 2009 and higher ASME code requirements. The compact board fits into the existing bracket on the back of the elevator car panel without modification, connecting to existing wiring and 24v ac/dc power, if needed for phone line monitoring option.

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Janus Elevator Products Spins off Monitor Controls

Elevator fixture line to operate independently of safety edge and communication business

Hauppauge, N.Y. (September 23, 2011) – The Board of Directors of Janus Elevator Products, Inc., has unanimously approved a separation of the company’s two core businesses – Janus elevator safety edges and Monitor Controls elevator fixtures. The board plans for Janus Elevator Products to continue as an independent company focused on its safety edge, emergency phone, and digital display components business, and spin-off its Monitor Controls elevator fixtures and touch-panel display business into an independent company. Each business has leading consumer brands and the new structure, effective October 1, 2011, will allow each to better serve its customers.

The new company, named Monitor Controls Inc., will continue to provide elevator fixtures and touch-panel display technology for the elevator industry. Rob Isabelle, currently vice president of engineering and manufacturing, will lead the new Monitor as president. Monitor will join Janus in Halma p.l.c.’s elevator division, along with TLJones, Memco and E-Motive.

As an independent entity, Monitor will be able to more effectively address customer priorities with cost effective and innovative solutions, as well as enhance its operational efficiency. Janus will retain its elevator safety edge, emergency phone, and digital display businesses. Mike Byrne will continue as president of Janus.

Both companies are well-positioned for the split with financial strength, flexibility and highly skilled, dedicated employees. The transition is expected to be transparent to customers. All current orders will be processed without interruption.

“The separation of these businesses will allow Janus to better execute a focused strategy to the benefit of consumers of all our product lines,” said Mike Byrne, Janus president. “In March we outlined a plan to address the changing requirements of our customers. Since then, we have observed the acceleration of these market trends, which has led us to take additional steps to transform Janus to meet emerging opportunities.”

“Monitor can now more effectively focus on enhancing service and streamlining the introduction of new products than we could as an operating segment of Janus,” said Rob Isabelle, president of Monitor Controls Inc. “With a renewed focus on our core design and manufacturing business, continued investment in new technology and commitment to build on the potential in the display business, we see a bright future for Monitor as an independent company.”

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Janus Vanguard Elevator Fixtures Guarantee Fast Delivery

Functional, economical and attractive car stations and hall lanterns in only three weeks
Hauppauge, N.Y. (August 30, 2011) – The Vanguard Fixtures line from Janus Elevator Products simplifies order and delivery of standard elevator equipment. The ADA, ASME compliant stainless steel fixtures are pre-engineered for low and mid rise elevators, keeping costs and lead times down, and shipment is guaranteed within three weeks of order receipt. In this economical range, a fully compliant car operating panel starts below $1300.

The Janus Vanguard Line shortens elevator fixture lead times to three weeks or less.

The Janus Vanguard Line shortens elevator fixture lead times to three weeks or less.

The Vanguard line includes 24V car operating panels, hall stations, hall lanterns and digital position indicators finished in durable, attractive #4 stainless steel. To shorten drawing and quoting times, Janus’ standard drawing and pricing sheets allow customers to quickly design and calculate the cost of a package that fits project needs and budget. 

Package options are now available for elevators with up to 12 stops (in any combination of front or rear entrances). The car operating panel fits requirements for 2004 and above ASME codes. Fire service cabinets are available with any key switch: J series, Yale, or Medeco, in compliance with 2004 and 2007 codes.

Digital display, hands-free phone, and fire service cabinet are standard on all car operating panels and included in the base price. Stainless steel studless push buttons eliminate the possibility of broken weld studs, minimizing maintenance. Vanguard push buttons are illuminated with a blue LED halo as standard. Hall lanterns are available with a choice of red, green, or white illumination. The fixtures meet all ASME17.1 2004 or later safety requirements.

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Line Monitoring Alert Panel Meets Elevator Codes

Delivers audio visual cues signaling elevator phone line failure
Hauppauge, N.Y. (August 4, 2011) – The Line Monitoring Alert (LMA) Panel from Janus Elevator Products meets ASME/B44 2009 and 2010 code requirements for elevator phone line status notification. The unit provides audible and visual signals in the building lobby in the event of phone line failure.

The Janus LMA meets ASME/B44 2009 and 2010 code requirements.

The Janus LMA meets ASME/B44 2009 and 2010 code requirements.

When used with Janus EMS phones featuring the phone line monitoring option, the LMA unit completes the warning system. To manage multiple phone lines, the LMA can be used in conjunction with Janus’ Line Monitoring Expansion (LMX) unit. Mounted in the machine room, adding the LMX allows up to ten elevator phones to be connected to the LMA panel.

The LMA panel can operate as a standalone unit or be incorporated into a lobby panel. One pair of wires from either the elevator phone or LMX and 110 AC power are required for installation. Onboard volume control adjusts the audible signal, with a reset function to silence it using a standard J200 key. The unit resets automatically when the phone line is restored. A test feature enables manual system checks.

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Janus Elevator Products Adds New Representative

Patton and Uzelac join manufacturer of elevator and communications safety equipment
Hauppauge, N.Y. (July 18, 2011) – Janus Elevator Products has expanded its sales force with a new representative in the southern United States.  Jane Patton has been appointed Regional Sales Manager, providing sales and service support for Janus’ full range of elevator safety edges, fixtures, phones and display products.

Jane Patton, Regional Sales Manger, Janus Elevator Products

Jane Patton, Regional Sales Manger, Janus Elevator Products

Patton comes to Janus with 10 years of technical outside sales experience, most recently with Elite Technical (Orlando, Fla.) as Director of Business Development.  As a Regional Sales Manager for Janus, Patton will cover seven southern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.  Patton can be reached at 407-416-8249, jpatton@januselevator.com.

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Janus Commander First Touch Screen Approved for New York City

Commander T2 meets standards for elevator car panels
Hauppauge, N.Y. (June 6, 2011) – The Commander T2 touch-screen car operating panel from Janus Elevator Products has been granted approval by the New York City Department of Buildings Elevator Division. The T2 is now the first touch screen approved in the United States for use as the main elevator car operating panel.

Commander T2 touch screen car operating panel is approved by the NYC Department of Buildings.

Commander T2 touch screen car operating panel is approved by the NYC Department of Buildings.

After reviewing the T2, the NYC Department of Buildings determined the vandal-resistant panel to be in compliance with ASME A.17.1, ICC/NCANSI A117.1-1998, and New York City Building Code. The easy to install panel increases elevator efficiency for transit time, enhances passenger experience and lowers the effect of wear and tear.

The Commander T2 car operating panel replaces traditional mechanical push buttons, going beyond simple functionality. The touch panel allows users to choose floor direction with a customizable interface that can be matched to building décor and programmed to deliver supplemental information. High resolution graphics pair tenant logos with floor buttons, provide multi-media building information and entertainment, or deliver advertising messages.

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