Indian Distributor For Insectron Insect Exterminators

The Insectron range of insect exterminators from Dutch company Berson is to be distributed in India by Pecopp Pest-Control. The company has extensive experience selling into the Indian market and supplies both resellers and end-users.

Insectron Announces Indian Distributor

Insectron products use ultraviolet (UV-A) and green light to attract flying insects, particularly flies, which are very sensitive to these two light sources. Once attracted to the unit, the insects are trapped and killed by either a tension grid or a sticky board depending on choice and the situation. The products are designed especially for industrial, catering and agricultural applications where hygiene is vital. Examples include food and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, hotels and restaurants, poultry, dairy and livestock farms, or grain storage facilities.

Several of the Insectron models are ATEX and IP rated for use in explosive, dusty and potentially wet environments. A recent addition to the range is the Insectron GX, specially designed for use in areas designated as being at risk from a gas explosion hazard, also having an IP67 rating indicating its increased protection from water and dust ingress.

Both UV-A and green lamps can be supplied with re-usable Teflon®FEP protection sleeves which ensure that, in the unlikely event of a lamp shattering, the glass fragments will be safely contained and not contaminate the area below. Re-usable protection sleeves can be used again and again, for up to four years, saving Insectron users money.

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ATEX Insect Exterminators For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Seven new Insectron GX units have been supplied to a large Swiss pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company.  The installation was done by ISS Pest Control AG, one of the leading pest control companies in Switzerland. 

Insectron GX Units Installed In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

In order to best protect against the presence of flies and other insects throughout the facility, these units have been installed in the gas-explosion hazard areas of the company’s premises.  The Insectron GXs are ATEX II 2 G EEx d IIB T5 certified – making them particularly suitable for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. 

The Insectron GX unit utilises two high-output UV-A lamps in conjunction with a glue board that emits insect-attracting pheromones.  Both of these fitments attract flying insects, in combination providing excellent pest-control over an area of 200m2 – drawing the insects to the board which then traps them safely until they can be hygienically removed.  Insectron works closely with industry professionals, research institutes and universities to make sure that their products are constantly evolving to be as effective as possible.

The Swiss company is a subsidiary of a leading U.S multinational healthcare product producer.  They provide active pharmaceutical ingredients and products worldwide, and are now one of the largest manufacturers in the industry in Switzerland.

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Small Insect Killer Gets Stickier For High Protection

The most compact product in the Insectron range of electric insect exterminators, the Insectron 600, can now be fitted with a glue board instead of only an electrified tension-grid.  With the glue board, an ingress protection rating of either IP54 (splash-proof) or IP65 (dust & spray-proof) can be specified, making the I.610E & I.610ED the smallest units to be so well protected.

Insectron 610E(D)

The product’s small footprint is designed for use in confined spaces such as corridors, canteens, offices, and small industrial premises with high levels of dust or humidity, and is available in both wall- and ceiling-mount versions.  With one high-output UV-A lamp and a specially designed glue board (which incorporates a non-smelling pheromone for extra attraction), there is an effective range of approximately 100m2, and the mechanical and electrical function is guaranteed for 5 years.

The Insectron range is manufactured by Berson UV in the Netherlands.  By working with universities, research institutes and industry, insights into new product development and anticipation of the changing needs of end-users are provided.  Further information on the whole range of products and services can be found at

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Insectron GX Kills Insects For Pharmaceutical And Chemical Industries

The Insectron GX unit, produced by Berson, is made from components all separately and collectively ATEX certified for use in areas designated as possessing a gas explosion hazard.  This, in addition to the hygiene and HACCP compliance benefits it affords, makes the product especially suited for applications such as pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics manufacturing, and other industries where solvents and flammable compounds are produced.

Insectron GX Unit

The GX models are designed and built under ISO 9001:2000 compliant conditions, come with a three year guarantee and conform to EN 60079-0, EN 50014:1997 and EN 50018:1994 standards.  They have also been certified by German Institute PTB, one of the notified certifying bodies under directive 94/9 EC for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.  The full ATEX classification is II 2 G EEx d IIB T5.  The units are additionally ingress-protected to IP67, allowing their use in potentially wet environments where water sprays may be regularly in use, and all exposed components feature enhanced resistance to UV-A.  With the GX, Insectron has again improved its functionality, providing insect extermination services for all situations: small and large spaces, dry or wet environments, and areas with either gas or dust explosion hazards.

Each Insectron GX is fitted with two high output UV-A lamps and a pheromone emitting glue board.  In combination, these are highly attractive to flying insects – especially flies – within a 200m2 area.  The glue board then catches and traps the insects permanently, maintaining hygienic and safe conditions in the surrounding area until it is removed and replaced.  By maintaining close links and collaborating with universities, research institutes and industry professionals, Insectron is able to repeatedly evolve to work better and satisfy the industry’s changing needs and demands.  Further information, and the details of local distributors, can be found by contacting Insectron or on their website at

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New Insectron Glue Boards: More Attractive To Flying Insects And Make Counting Easier

Insect extermination expert Insectron has launched a new series of glue boards, called I-Boards, for use in its insect exterminators.

Insectron I-Board

Specifically designed to attract, catch and kill flies and other flying insects, the I-Boards allow users to quickly determine how many insects have been caught – useful for HACCP*procedures. This is made easier by the boards having eight large squares subdivided into 200 smaller squares. If, for example, the insects on 10 small squares are counted and multiplied by 20, an accurate estimate of total number and type of insects is easily obtained. Getting a quick, reliable estimate saves users time and money as they can obtain the results in minutes.

The new I-Boards have 20% more adhesive surface than previous versions and are coloured yellow, which research has shown is the most effective colour for attracting flying insects, particularly flies. In addition, an insect-attracting pheromone is concentrated in the centre of each board, ensuring a stronger attraction potential for the entire lifetime of the board – up to three months. The boards also ensure no contamination of the surrounding area by ensuring all insects are permanently trapped.

Used in conjunction with the UV-A and green light emitted by the Insectron units, the new I-Boards offer a highly effective, measurable way of attracting and killing unwanted flying insects.

The Insectron range is manufactured by Berson UV in the Netherlands. As part of its strategy the company constantly anticipates new developments and produces new products to meet industry’s changing needs. A key factor in the Insectron’s evolution is continuous research, which is carried out in collaboration with universities, research institutes and industry. For more information please visit

* HACCP – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point. A production control system for the food industry. It is a process that identifies where potential contamination can occur (the critical control points or CCPs) and strictly manages and monitors these points as a way of ensuring the process is in control and that the safest product possible is being produced. HACCP is designed to prevent rather than catch potential hazards.

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Insectron GX Insect Killer Granted Atex Certification For Use In Areas With Gas Explosion Hazards

The new Insectron®  GX insect exterminator from Berson is the first of its kind to have the entire unit – including all components – ATEX certified for use in areas with a gas explosion hazard.

Insectron GX - with Atex Certification

This means it can be used safely in applications such as plastic, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic manufacturing, brewing and distilling, bulk storage, and industries where solvents or other flammable compounds are manufactured or produced. The full ATEX classification is II 2 G EEx d IIB T5.

The fact that the entire unit – and not just certain components – is ATEX certified is very important, because the exterminators are often contained within enclosures, causing a temperature increase during operation. Every component of the Insectron® GX was therefore tested to ensure safe and efficient use in gas hazard areas. In addition, in order to ensure the durability and safe functioning of the unit, all exposed components have enhanced resistance to UV-A.

All Insectron® GX models are designed and built under ISO9001 conditions, have a three year guarantee and conform to standards EN 60079-0, EN 50014:1997, EN 50018:1994. They are also certified by the German Institute PTB (Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt) which, along with organisations such as the German TüV, KEMA in the Netherlands and the British BSI, is a notified certifying body under directive 94/9 EC for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The device is also ingress-protected to IP67, allowing it to operate in wet environments such as food and dairy plants where water is regularly sprayed.

Each unit contains two high output ultraviolet (UV-A) lamps and a pheromone-containing glue board, the combination of which is highly attractive to flying insects, particularly flies, over an area of 200m2. The insects are caught on the glue board which can then be removed and replaced when required.

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