Wireless Gas Detection with Crowcon’s Detective Net

Wireless module works with Crowcon’s Detective+ transportable gas detectors.

Crowcon’s new Detective Net wireless module allows up to 25 Detective+ gas detectors to be linked without cables. It is ideal for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical and utility industries.

Wireless Gas Detection with Crowcon's DetectiveNet

Wireless Gas Detection with Crowcon’s DetectiveNet

The Detective+ is a free-standing, transportable multigas monitor that can be used individually or in groups to monitor up to four gases at once. By using the Detective Net module, up to 25 Detective+ units can be linked wirelessly and positioned as much as 100 metres apart. Should wireless connection between two of the detectors weaken, the RICOCHET® wireless network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically re-route communications via alternative devices. This creates a ‘mesh’ type network, ensuring greater reliability in safety-critical situations.

Over a dozen gas sensor options are available with the Detective+, including infrared sensors for flammable gas that are immune to the poisoning effects which plague standard flammable gas sensors. If a dangerous gas level is detected, the Detective+ unit warns with a wailing 104 dBA siren and flashing, high intensity LED beacons which are visible from all angles. A signal is also sent to all the other units, alerting workers to the danger. In addition Detective Net transmits other fault information such as loss of signal or low battery power.

If the signal is very weak, for example because of thick metal bulkheads, Detective Net can act as a repeater to boost the signal between units. A cable can even be used to extend the reach of an individual Detective+ unit and put it in a position with a stronger wireless signal – this is especially useful in cramped, confined spaces.

The Detective+ is indeed ideal for confined spaces, ensuring safe gas levels before workers enter and monitoring continuously during welding and other repair work. With 60 hours of battery operation, work can go on with a minimum of detector recharging, keeping shutdown time as short as possible. In commissioning new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, the Detective+ can be placed along the pipelines to check for leaks, minimising explosion risks.

The rugged tripod construction and raised profile keeps the Detective+ sensors away from obstructions and surface water. An integral safety cage gives extra protection in the event of the unit being overturned in chaotic work areas. An operating temperature range of -20°C to +40°C assures reliable detection in a variety of environments. The units are Class 1 Division1 Groups A, B, C, and D approved. Optional folding legs facilitate compact storage and transportation.

For more information contact Mr. Sandip Diwate of Crowcon India on Tel: +91 22 6708 0400.
M : +91 (0) 98205 76070; E-mail: sandip.diwate@crowcon.com / salesindia@crowcon.com;
Website: www.crowcon.com

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Avire hires Regional Sales Manager for IMEA region

Rajeev Joshi has joined Avire as Regional Sales Manager for the India, Middle East and Africa region. Rajeev adds to Avire’s investment in the strategically important growth markets and will drive our business and marketing efforts there.

Rajeev Joshi @ Avire

Rajeev Joshi @ Avire

Rajeev Joshi comes to Avire with a degree in Man Made Fibre Technology from Kanpur University and MBA (International Marketing) from Symbiosis, Pune. Rajeev has a strong background in Sales, business development with a lot of experience in the Polyester, Textile, Chemicals and Electronics industry. His last assignment was with Intelux Electronics Pvt. Ltd. where he was responsible for driving business for its Power Electronics product range.

The Indian market offers many opportunities for Avire’s unique product range which ensure the safety of passengers in lifts. Mr. Joshi’s initial efforts will be focused on quality conscious OEMs for whom safety is of paramount importance. The elevator industry will be in the spotlight with new infrastructural spending driving demand growth. Avire expects these to translate into demand for its light curtains, elevator displays, LED displays and emergency communication systems which are manufactured by it. The developed economies of the Middle East is now, also showing appetite for development and the African story is slowly unfolding.

Rajeev Joshi commented “I look forward to overcome the challenges that Avire faces in the market place and deliver sustainable growth over the long term. Expectations from developing and growing economies are high. I look forward to developing a strategy and a business plan to deliver on them.” For further information, please visit our web-site at www.avire-global.com or contact our office in India. Rajeev Joshi, the new Regional Sales Manager – IMEA can be contacted on T: +91 9167730003 or E-mail: Rajeev.joshi@avire-global.com

About Avire
Avire Global (a Halma company) – home to E-Motive, TL Jones and Memco – offers an extensive range of elevator safety and communication products. With manufacturing locations in Singapore, China, India and the Czech Republic, and sales offices in 13 locations worldwide, Avire is a truly global brand.

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Keeler & Volk makes a splash at BOA.

Keeler & Volk recently participated in the 20th Anniversary Congress of EyeAdvance 2014 and Focus 2014 a concurrent event organized by the Bombay Ophthalmologist’s Association (BOA). An annual congress where more than 1000 ophthalmologists gather to hear from nationally recognized speakers and ophthalmic experts in an outstanding scientific program. Popularly known as the BOA Congress, it was held at Hotel Renaissance from June 20-22.

On display at the Keeler-Volk stall were the Keeler Slit Lamp and Digital Volk lenses. The distributors like SMR Lens-Mumbai, Baliwalla-Mumbai, Homi –Mumbai and National Industrial Company-Delhi managed to sell a record number of Volk lenses at the Congress. Even the diagnostic products from the Keeler range like Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Direct Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscopes were sold – something which was beyond expectation. The sizeable number of enquiries generated from ophthalmologists was also very encouraging, reflecting the growing trend and preference for investment in quality products and diagnostic tools.

Mr. Mahadev Dhuri the General Manager for India operations of Volk and Keeler commented, “Perhaps what we saw was a sign of ‘achhe din aanewale hain’ which was the hope-filled slogan of the new govt. during the recently held election.”

For more details contact Mahadev Dhuri, General Manager – India (Volk-Keeler) on T: 91-22-67080400, M: +91 99303 11090, E-mail: mahadev.dhuri@halma.com

Keeler, UK specializes in diagnostic and magnification products for professionals in the ophthalmic and healthcare industry. Keeler aims to provide you with the latest instrumentation and service to enable ophthalmologists to execute their work more accurately, saving you time and money. Keeler has 97 years of experience in making ophthalmic products and even has a customer service centre in India. For more info visit www.keeler.co.uk

Volk Optical, US is an innovator in the design and manufacture of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical ophthalmic lenses, equipments and accessories. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA. Volk is known for its patented Double Aspheric Lends design and unmatched image quality. For more info visit www.volk.com

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Sensorex Adds Conductivity to Modular S8000 Industrial Platform CS8000TC cooling tower conductivity sensor and flow cell for convenient TDS monitoring

Sensorex has expanded its S8000 series modular electrode platform with the addition of the CS8000TC conductivity sensor. The new electrode delivers accurate conductivity measurement for cooling tower monitoring and a host of additional processing environments.

Sensorex CS8000TC - cooling tower

Sensorex CS8000TC – cooling tower

The CS8000TC sensor integrates easily into in-line systems. Its keyed flange facilitates sensor orientation. A detachable cable assembly eliminates the need to pull cable through a conduit and sensors can be removed without tools for cleaning and calibration. The sensor’s conductivity cell constant is k=1.0 +/-10% for a wide measurement range within its temperature/pressure of 60°C/100psig. Temperature compensation is included with a choice of four sensor types. 10K, 30K NTC, Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD options enable matching to existing conductivity transmitter or controllers.

Sensorex’s S8000 series modular platform saves users time and money by configuring a custom system that can grow and change with process needs. The platform includes pH, ORP (Redox) and conductivity electrodes, a choice of mounting hardware, and a variety of electronics options including unity gain pre-amplifiers and blind 4 – 20mA transmitters. If monitoring needs change, users simply update the applicable module without replacing the whole system and only need to stock one sensor for a range of installation considerations.

To learn more about the modular S8000 platform, as well as the company’s full range of sensing products, visit www.sensorex.com, email sales@sensorex.com, or phone +1 714-895-4344.

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Smith Flow Control’s technology makes valve interlock adjustment effortless.

Trapped-key interlocks offer enhanced safety and efficiency for the most difficult process management challenges. Mounted directly to valves, interlocks ensure a process only happens in the correct operational sequence.

GLM - Handwheel operated

GLM – Handwheel operated

Trapped-key Interlocks for handwheel-operated valves are different from those for lever-operated valves, as the latter only have a finite movement (normally 90 degrees). Interlocks on handwheel-operated valves, however, usually require several full revolutions between the locked open and locked closed positions.

Mechanical Interlocks

Mechanical Interlocks

Because of this, handwheel operated interlocks need to be able to ‘count’ the number of handwheel turns in order to release keys in the required open and/or closed positions. Similarly, with gate and globe valves, the closed position can vary through the effects of valve seat wear. After a period of use, the closed position on gate and globe valves may have altered. This can mean that when the valve is shut tight, the interlock (closed) key will not release as the valve has travelled past the original set key release position.

Smith Flow Control’s (SFC’s) GL Interlocks are ideal for this scenario as they can be adjusted in-situ in a matter of minutes simply by operating the valve back to the original key release position in two easy steps:

1. Using the special tamperproof tool (provided), the interlock cover is removed and the set screws adjusted
2. The valve is then operated again to its shut tight (closed) position and the screws are retightened (reset) in the new position

This simple in-situ adjustment feature is unique to SFC’s GL interlock and provides a fast and efficient method of maintaining valve interlocks on site.

For more information, contact Ms. Louise Cracknell at +44 (0) 1376 517901, email: l.cracknell@smithflowcontrol.com, or sales@smithflowcontrol.com ; or visit www.smithflowcontrol.com

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Texecom appoints new sales manager for West India

Team Expansion will lead to more focused attention on Texecom’s customers in western India.

Santosh Kumar Nanda has been appointed as the new Regional Sales Manager for West India by the Texecom team in India. Texecom is an award-winning manufacturer of intruder alarm products, including a full range of motion detectors, control panels, perimeter protection devices, heat and smoke detectors, external sounders, power supplies and wireless peripherals. Santosh will be responsible for Texecom’s products all across the western states of India i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. He joins the Texecom national team which is headed by Munish Dudeja and growing steadily year-on-year.

Santosh Nanda

Santosh Nanda

Santosh brings a wealth of experience in safety & security products to the role. After completing his B.E. in Industrial Electronics, he has worked for various reputed firms for 10 years. In his previous stint at Oscar Online he was responsible for sales of security products to key accounts, national and global accounts. He has previously worked with Tyco, Godrej & Boyce, G4S, and Foster & Freeman in various sales roles. His experience in selling security products to corporates as well as govt. customers will be of great help as he looks forward to provide focused attention to the West India market.

Munish Dudeja who leads the India team says: “Texecom India has built a reputation for customer satisfaction with its focus on quality product and service in India in a short time. Santosh is joining us at an exciting time, with several major new products being introduced. The Ricochet technology which was introduced recently has received good encouraging reviews. We place a great emphasis on building long lasting relationships with our distributors and customers, and I am looking forward to working with Santosh. West India market has a lot of potential for Texecom anti-intrusion alarm systems which Santosh will help us focus on with his systematic and dedicated efforts”

Sunil Balan, the Marketing Manager of Halma India (Texecom is a Halma company) said: “I am very pleased to welcome Santosh Nanda to the Texecom team in India. With his tremendous experience in sales of security solutions, I am looking forward to see Santosh bring his rich experience to benefit Texecom and our customers alike.”

For more details contact Munish Dudeja, Business Development Manager – India (Texecom) on T: 91-22-67080400, M: +91 98990 20406, E-mail: mdudeja@texe.com , Website: www.texe.com

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Ocean Optics Launches QE Pro Spectrometer

Spectrometer delivers market-best sensitivity and performance

The QE Pro from Ocean Optics is a high-sensitivity, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer with outstanding quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and extremely low noise operation for applications with low light levels and where wide concentration ranges are measured.

The QE Pro’s optical design maximises performance for a range of application needs. With its 18-bit A/D, QE Pro has dynamic range performance that makes it the highest sensitivity miniature spectrometer available today. This is significant for users monitoring emission spectroscopy, especially fluorescence and Raman, where signals may be weak and minimum detectable sample limits are often challenging. In addition, for both absorption and reflectance in quality control applications, QE Pro provides lower limits of detection and enables measurements over a wider concentration range.

For kinetics researchers and scientists requiring fast, full spectrum acquisitions, the QE Pro provides onboard buffering capability. The 15,000 spectra onboard buffer maintains data integrity by buffering time-stamped spectra for USB communications. Buffering enables full-spectrum kinetics measurements, such as those used in chemical and enzyme kinetics or protein folding to be performed every 8 milliseconds — or 125 measurements per second.
Thermoelectric control of the detector improves the stability of the detector for lengthy measurements, where thermal noise convolutes the signal. TEC cooling dramatically reduces thermal noise and holds The QE Pro’s stability to 4 dark counts over a 60°C ambient temperature range. This stability allows the spectrometer to be used for demanding online and at-line quality control measurements and environments susceptible to temperature changes.
QE Pro spectrometers are also available with replaceable, precision laser-cut slit and aperture assemblies for SMA 905 and FC connectors. Replaceable slits give users more freedom in spectrometer design and the ability to switch among applications such as fluorescence and absorbance as easily as replacing a few screws. The slits are available with SMA 905 or FC connectors and are available separately or as part of a kit comprising one each of 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm and 200 µm width slits and one SMA bulkhead with no slit installed.

To learn more about the QE Pro please contact an Ocean Optics Applications Scientist at info@oceanoptics.com, visit the website at www.OceanOptics.eu or call Ocean Optics at +31 26 319 0500.

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EasiDrive – the most versatile valve operation tool available

Smith Flow Control’s EasiDrive portable valve actuator is quite possibly the most versatile valve operation tool available. Carried in a rucksack, it is specially designed for use with valves requiring a large number of turns or which are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or harsh climate conditions.


With the EasiDrive the operator has absolute control when opening and closing different sized valves with varying torque requirements. One person can efficiently drive multiple valves with a single tool, reducing fatigue and risk of injury and resulting in major cost and time savings. It can be used in virtually any industry, from oil refineries and petrochemical plants to power stations and paper mills.

Key features of the EasiDrive:
• Low cost alternative to permanent actuators
• No permanent power supply required
• Ideal for minimum facilities installations
• Suitable for all climatic conditions
• Wide band torque capability with variable torque adjustment as standard
• Ideal for moving tight or partially-seized valves
• Adaptable to any size/type of valve
• Eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces the risk of injury
• No ‘kickback’ often associated with other torque devices
• Variable output torque – so no damage to valves by ‘over-torquing’
• Reduces work crew tasks to one-man operation
• Fully portable – can manage banks of valves with a single drive tool

The ‘reaction kit’, which prevents a torque kickback, is especially useful as valve movement is always fully controlled, preventing operator injury and fatigue. In addition, the variable torque output feature, which prevents excessive torque being applied, ensures proper and safe valve operation at all times.

EasiDrive is highly versatile and can be powered by air, electricity or battery, giving the user ultimate control over their preferred choice. It can also be custom designed to suit specific site requirements.

For more information, contact Ms. Louise Cracknell at +44 (0) 1376 517901, email : l.cracknell@smithflowcontrol.com, or visit www.smithflowcontrol.com

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Halma appoints Prasenjit Datta as Managing Director of Halma India.

Halma, the leading safety, health and environmental technology group is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Prasenjit Datta as Managing Director of Halma India.

Mr.Prasenjit Data, Managing Director of Halma India.

Mr.Prasenjit Data, Managing Director of Halma India.

Before joining Halma, Prasenjit was Managing Director of Brady India. Previously he has worked in Senior Management as well as Sales & Marketing roles at 3M, Smithkline Beecham and Blue Star. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Halma plc (www.halma.com) is an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology. It is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange and has over 4000 employees in 40 subsidiaries worldwide. Halma’s subsidiaries make products that protect lives and improve the quality of life for people through innovation in market leading products which make its customers safer, more competitive and more profitable. These subsidiaries are assisting India’s economy in areas such as energy, manufacturing, healthcare, water and waste treatment, construction and transport. Halma has a hub office in Mumbai.

For further news about Halma in India and to subscribe to the Halma India RSS News Feed please visit our blog.

Press contact in India:
Sunil Balan
Marketing Manager
Halma India
B-1, Boomerang, Chandivali,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072, India.
Board : +91 22 6708 0400
Mobile: +91 77381 61211

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Dependable Detection of Refrigerant Gases with Crowcon’s F-Gas Detector

Fluorinated (Freon) gases, which include hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), are a family of man-made chemicals containing fluorine. These ’F-gases’ are extremely powerful greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming – most are between 1,000 and 20,000 times more powerful than CO2 in terms of their impact on the atmosphere.

Not only are F-gases harmful to the environment, they are also extremely toxic and represent a significant health risk if inhaled. SF6 also poses an asphyxiation risk as, once inhaled, it may be too heavy to expel from the lungs.

In EU, the use and emission of F-gases comes under Regulation 842/2006, which mandates leakage control and regular checks. Leakage checks must be carried out by certified personnel for all plant with equipment containing 3kg or more of F-gases. Frequency of leak checks depends on the amount of refrigerant charged. In addition, detailed records must be kept in a log book – failure to comply may lead to severe penalties.

Common uses of F-gases include:
• Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
• Heat pumps
• Aerosols
• Fire-fighting equipment
• High voltage, gas-insulated switchgear

There are also many industrial applications including magnesium smelting, electronics manufacture and insulating foam manufacture. Effective monitoring and detection of these gases is essential. Crowcon’s F-Gas infrared detector is a fixed-point detector specially calibrated to detect a wide range of F-gases.

Rugged and easy to install, it can be connected to any control system which accepts analogue signals. Together with Crowcon’s Gasmaster control panel and Xgard toxic gas detector, the F-Gas detector provides an effective gas leak detection package.

In addition to protecting personnel from toxic gas risks, installing the F-Gas detector also offers the following benefits:
• Provides an early warning that the gas is leaking and thus maintains system efficiency and reduces potentially huge gas replacement costs
• Enables the supplier and user to comply with the mandatory F-gas regulations
• Helps to reduce the risk of leakage of powerful greenhouse gases into the environment

The detector operates from 24Vdc nominally and provides a 4-20mA signal (the output can also be set to 0-20mA, 0-2V, 0-5V or 0-10Vdc). It is compatible with most control systems or 4-20mA type controller. Housed in a rugged IP54 enclosure, the detector is suitable for use in non-hazardous areas such as plant rooms or switchgear rooms. With no moving parts, very little maintenance is required – just a bi-annual gas check (with re-calibration if necessary).

Special features of the F-Gas detector include:
• Superior IR sensor technology: provides fast, stable and dependable performance with low maintenance and long life. Unlike semi-conductor type sensors, the F-gas detector is not affected by other types of gas or changes in temperature or humidity
• LED indicators: tri-coloured LEDs indicate the operating status of the detector and, in combination with the function keys, facilitate simple adjustments such as zero and calibration
• Choice of signals: the analogue output signal can be set as 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-2V, 0-5V or 0-10Vdc for compatibility with virtually any control system
• IP54 rated enclosure: provides good protection from dust and water ingress in indoor environments

More information about the EU regulations can be found at:

For more information please contact Crowcon’s India Office:
Sandip Diwate
Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.
B1-401, Boomerang,
Chandivali, Andheri (E).
Mumbai. 400072
Tel: +91 22 6708 0400
Mob: +91 98205 76070
E-mail: sandip.diwate@crowcon.com / salesindia@crowcon.com
Website: www.crowcon.com

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