Sensorex Differential pH/ORP Sensor – Direct Replacement Series

SD7000 Series pH/ORP Differential Sensors from Sensorex suited to water, wastewater, environmental scrubber and other challenging process applications.

Sensorex’s new SD7000 Series Differential pH/ORP sensors provide industrial and municipal water treatment operators with a unique, yet proven sensor technology, with overall low cost of ownership. The SD7000CD and SD7000CD-ORP are a cost-effective and chemically-resistant direct replacement option for Hach / GLI and Water Analytics / Aquametrix analog 5-wire pH and ORP sensor models. These differential pH and ORP sensors are ideally suited for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and neutralization; metal finishing and plating, wet fume scrubbers; chemical processing; and other online water quality and process applications.

SD7000 Series sensors are highly accurate, with three electrodes instead of the two found in conventional combination pH and ORP sensors. Solution pH is measured differentially with process and inner reference (surrounded by a known concentrated pH 7 buffer) electrodes, compared to a third ground electrode. This provides optimal measurement accuracy, minimizes reference junction potential, and eliminates sensor ground loop effects. Less maintenance for operators, minimized down time, longer sensor life and overall greater reliability are hallmarks of this differential sensor design.

SD7000 Series sensors offer unmatched accuracy and reliability with an encapsulated preamp to eliminate moisture problems and allow for mounting up to 3000 feet from installed pH/ORP transmitters and remote monitoring systems. Their 1.5” NPT convertible threads are provided for sensor mounting into flow tees or adapting to a pipe for process submersion. The Ryton sensor body provides outstanding chemical resistance and the double-junction reference resists contamination to ensure measurement stability.

The internal reference electrode is electrically connected to the process solution by means of a field-replaceable double junction salt bridge which reduces the possibility of contamination. The salt bridge and standard pH 7 cell solution can be replaced periodically at a very low cost, making the SD7000 differential sensor very economical to maintain.

To learn more about the SD7000 Series Differential pH/ORP Sensors and the company’s full range of analytical sensing products, visit Sensorex at:, or contact India Sales Manager, Mr. T.A. Kumar on +91 93870 64044 or e-mail

*Hach is a registered trademark of the Hach Company. Aquametrix is a product of Water Analytics Inc. No affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship is stated or implied.

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Ocean Optics Enhances Capabilities of NIRQuest Series Spectrometers

New replaceable slit design and internal shutter option

Ocean Optics has enhanced the NIRQuest series of small-footprint near-infrared spectrometers. All NIRQuest spectrometer models now come with a replaceable slit design as standard, increasing measurement flexibility with easy user changes in the field. Additionally, the option of adding an internal shutter is now available to more effectively manage light throughput and dark measurements in experiment setups.

The NIRQuest is a robust, reliable spectrometer with a fast response time and good optical resolution over 900-2500 nm to suit applications from moisture detection and chemical analysis to high-resolution laser and optical fiber characterization. Slit size is one of the determining factors in the optical resolution of a spectrometer. The choice inevitably involves design trade-offs: A larger slit increases throughput, but at the expense of optical resolution. A smaller slit yields higher optical resolution, but decreases throughput. The flexibility to adjust the width of the slit helps eliminate these trade-offs by granting users the ability to adapt spectrometer performance in the field, without need for recalibration.

Shutter type is another mechanism to configure a spectrometer for maximum performance in a given application. The NIRQuest’s new internal shutter option is useful for applications where placing an external shutter is difficult, such as emissive setups and probe-based measurements. Internal shutters are also more convenient for applications where light intensities change, requiring users to dynamically adjust integration times and renormalize the spectrometer. The internal shutter improves signal throughput in the setup and allows for shorter integration times for an equivalent level of signal. Operation via software makes shutter control as simple as a few keystrokes, with no extra components or cabling to contend with.

The NIRQuest series includes several models of preconfigured spectrometers, each optimized for optimum response within a specific wavelength range. A custom model is also available, for users who want to select the ideal combination of optical bench components, including gratings, slits and filters for a particular application. External hardware triggering functions allow users to capture data when an external event occurs, or to trigger an event after data acquisition.

To learn more about NIR Quest and Ocean Optics range of spectroscopy solutions, please contact an Ocean Optics Applications Scientist at, visit the website at

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New light curtains on display at IEE 2016

Avire also showing new LCD display and Lift Monitoring Software.

Lift safety and communication specialist Avire will be displaying two new ranges of light curtains at IEE Expo 2016. The exhibition takes place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India, from 17-19 March 2016. Avire is present on stands A05 and A06 at the IEE Expo 2016.

Avire will be unveiling its new E-Series and L-Series light curtains, which are compliant with new EU legislation EN81-20. The legislation is being rolled out in China during 2016 and the expectation is that it will be adopted in other countries over the next few years.

The E-Series and L-Series are able to detect a 50mm target anywhere within the detection zone and they also feature a diagonal beam pattern present right up until the point at which the doors close. This feature ensures maximum passenger protection.

Other products on show include the iS2 LCD display and the Lift Monitoring Software. The iS2 is the first display to combine RSS feed technology, wireless connectivity and eco-friendly features. Avire’s Lift Monitoring Software delivers real-time information on lift operations and is useful for data analysis and reporting.

Avire will be represented by IMEA Regional Sales Manager Rajeev Joshi, who will also be presenting in a seminar session focused on the new legislation changes and their impact on light curtain design.

For more information about Avire light curtains, elevator display systems and lift monitoring software please contact Rajeev Joshi, Regional Business Manager – IMEA on M: +91 91-67-730003, E-mail:, visit Avire operates in India from an office located in Wagle Industrial Estate in Thane, Maharashtra.

About AVIRE:

Avire – a Halma company, combines 4 market-leading brands (E-Motive, Janus, TL Jones and Memco) within the elevator industry; offering light curtains, LCD displays and emergency telephones. Each brand has a strong market presence, a unique identity, a distinct product range, and a long, successful history.

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