Sensorex Adds Conductivity to Modular S8000 Industrial Platform CS8000TC cooling tower conductivity sensor and flow cell for convenient TDS monitoring

Sensorex has expanded its S8000 series modular electrode platform with the addition of the CS8000TC conductivity sensor. The new electrode delivers accurate conductivity measurement for cooling tower monitoring and a host of additional processing environments.

Sensorex CS8000TC - cooling tower

Sensorex CS8000TC – cooling tower

The CS8000TC sensor integrates easily into in-line systems. Its keyed flange facilitates sensor orientation. A detachable cable assembly eliminates the need to pull cable through a conduit and sensors can be removed without tools for cleaning and calibration. The sensor’s conductivity cell constant is k=1.0 +/-10% for a wide measurement range within its temperature/pressure of 60°C/100psig. Temperature compensation is included with a choice of four sensor types. 10K, 30K NTC, Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD options enable matching to existing conductivity transmitter or controllers.

Sensorex’s S8000 series modular platform saves users time and money by configuring a custom system that can grow and change with process needs. The platform includes pH, ORP (Redox) and conductivity electrodes, a choice of mounting hardware, and a variety of electronics options including unity gain pre-amplifiers and blind 4 – 20mA transmitters. If monitoring needs change, users simply update the applicable module without replacing the whole system and only need to stock one sensor for a range of installation considerations.

To learn more about the modular S8000 platform, as well as the company’s full range of sensing products, visit, email, or phone +1 714-895-4344.

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Smith Flow Control’s technology makes valve interlock adjustment effortless.

Trapped-key interlocks offer enhanced safety and efficiency for the most difficult process management challenges. Mounted directly to valves, interlocks ensure a process only happens in the correct operational sequence.

GLM - Handwheel operated

GLM – Handwheel operated

Trapped-key Interlocks for handwheel-operated valves are different from those for lever-operated valves, as the latter only have a finite movement (normally 90 degrees). Interlocks on handwheel-operated valves, however, usually require several full revolutions between the locked open and locked closed positions.

Mechanical Interlocks

Mechanical Interlocks

Because of this, handwheel operated interlocks need to be able to ‘count’ the number of handwheel turns in order to release keys in the required open and/or closed positions. Similarly, with gate and globe valves, the closed position can vary through the effects of valve seat wear. After a period of use, the closed position on gate and globe valves may have altered. This can mean that when the valve is shut tight, the interlock (closed) key will not release as the valve has travelled past the original set key release position.

Smith Flow Control’s (SFC’s) GL Interlocks are ideal for this scenario as they can be adjusted in-situ in a matter of minutes simply by operating the valve back to the original key release position in two easy steps:

1. Using the special tamperproof tool (provided), the interlock cover is removed and the set screws adjusted
2. The valve is then operated again to its shut tight (closed) position and the screws are retightened (reset) in the new position

This simple in-situ adjustment feature is unique to SFC’s GL interlock and provides a fast and efficient method of maintaining valve interlocks on site.

For more information, contact Ms. Louise Cracknell at +44 (0) 1376 517901, email:, or ; or visit

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Texecom appoints new sales manager for West India

Team Expansion will lead to more focused attention on Texecom’s customers in western India.

Santosh Kumar Nanda has been appointed as the new Regional Sales Manager for West India by the Texecom team in India. Texecom is an award-winning manufacturer of intruder alarm products, including a full range of motion detectors, control panels, perimeter protection devices, heat and smoke detectors, external sounders, power supplies and wireless peripherals. Santosh will be responsible for Texecom’s products all across the western states of India i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. He joins the Texecom national team which is headed by Munish Dudeja and growing steadily year-on-year.

Santosh Nanda

Santosh Nanda

Santosh brings a wealth of experience in safety & security products to the role. After completing his B.E. in Industrial Electronics, he has worked for various reputed firms for 10 years. In his previous stint at Oscar Online he was responsible for sales of security products to key accounts, national and global accounts. He has previously worked with Tyco, Godrej & Boyce, G4S, and Foster & Freeman in various sales roles. His experience in selling security products to corporates as well as govt. customers will be of great help as he looks forward to provide focused attention to the West India market.

Munish Dudeja who leads the India team says: “Texecom India has built a reputation for customer satisfaction with its focus on quality product and service in India in a short time. Santosh is joining us at an exciting time, with several major new products being introduced. The Ricochet technology which was introduced recently has received good encouraging reviews. We place a great emphasis on building long lasting relationships with our distributors and customers, and I am looking forward to working with Santosh. West India market has a lot of potential for Texecom anti-intrusion alarm systems which Santosh will help us focus on with his systematic and dedicated efforts”

Sunil Balan, the Marketing Manager of Halma India (Texecom is a Halma company) said: “I am very pleased to welcome Santosh Nanda to the Texecom team in India. With his tremendous experience in sales of security solutions, I am looking forward to see Santosh bring his rich experience to benefit Texecom and our customers alike.”

For more details contact Munish Dudeja, Business Development Manager – India (Texecom) on T: 91-22-67080400, M: +91 98990 20406, E-mail: , Website:

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