PIXELTEQ Demonstrates Multispectral Opportunities at ICOL-2014

Multispectral sensors & cameras are a key to next-generation optical devices

Live demonstrations featuring multispectral near-infrared imaging and 8-band spectral sensors were highlights of the International Conference on Optics and Opto-Electronics (ICOL) held earlier this month by the Optical Society of India.


Among the new products demonstrated were PixelSensor™ Multispectral Sensors, wavelength-selective sensors that deliver 8-band spectroscopy in < 1cm2 footprint. Using the PixelSensor Developer Board, the compact device makes real-time precision measurements of discrete spectral bands.

The SpectroCam Multispectral Camera delivers live processed images of visible and near-infrared wavelengths to distinguish materials and highlight features invisible to the human eye. With a library of more than 150 interchangeable spectral filters, SpectroCam can be configured for a variety of applications or customized to fit yours.

PIXELTEQ’s exclusive micro-patterned filters help OEMs to shrink multi-wavelength devices into a single package, enable new optical features, and deliver application-specific sensors and cameras. PIXELTEQ provides custom optical filters and wafer-level coatings for scalable production.

“Clients are using our PIXELTEQ’s micro-patterned filters, sensors, and cameras to deliver more portable and cost-effective optical devices,” explained Bhushan Dhakras, Regional Manager at PIXELTEQ. “The multispectral sensing & imaging trend is innovating new optical devices across agricultural, biomedical, security, and scientific applications.”

To learn more about the solutions we showed at ICOL or our custom OEM capabilities, call Bhushan Dhakras at +91 22 67080420, visit www.pixelteq.com, or email bhushan.dhakras@pixelteq.com.

Company Contact:
Bhushan Dhakras,
Regional Manager,
B1 401, Boomerang, Chandivali,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072, India.
Board: +91 22 67080400
Mob : +91 9930021866
Email: bhushan.dhakras@pixelteq.com
Web: www.pixelteq.com

Press Contact:
Sunil Balan
Marketing Manager
Halma India
B1 401, Boomerang, Chandivali,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072, India.
Board: +91 22 67080420
Mobile: +91 77381 61211
E-mail : sunil.balan@halma.com

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SAM-1™ Smart Aqua Meter Transforms Smart Devices into Lab or Portable pH, ORP, Conductivity and Temperature Meters

Sensorex device is Apple and Android compatible.

The SAM-1™ Smart Aqua Meter from Sensorex harnesses the convenience of handheld smart devices to measure and record pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature values. Compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, SAM-1 delivers accurate analytical measurements in the lab or field for use in environmental, education and industrial applications.

Sensorex Smart Aquameter

The SAM-1 plugs into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet and connects to Sensorex smart analytical sensors for measurement. The SAM-1 App, available as a free download, instantly recognizes the smart sensor type and calibration data. The interface makes taking measurements and managing data simple and error-free, eliminating handwritten logs and potential for transcription errors.

Time, date, and GPS location are automatically recorded with each reading and users may add location name and additional comments. Readings can be shared instantly via email or exported to a spreadsheet for analysis and record retention. SAM-1 is currently Apple™ iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® compatible and will be available for Android devices in May 2014. Additional sensor types will be supported in the future with seamless software updates.

To learn more about the SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter, visit www.sensorex.com, email sales@sensorex.com, or call +1 714-895-4344.

Company Contact:
11751 Markon Drive,
Garden Grove,
CA 92841, USA
Tel: +1 714-895-4344
Fax: +1 714-894-4839
Email: sales@sensorex.com
Web: www.sensorex.com

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Two-way rupture disc delivers significant cost savings

Elfab’s innovation eliminates need for separate discs in many applications.

Pressure management specialist Elfab has developed a two-way rupture disc to prevent vessel damage under vacuum or from overpressure.

Customers who previously relied on separate rupture discs for positive and negative pressure relief can now use this disc alone to fulfil the same protective function via a single installation point. This allows customers to safeguard their application while significantly reducing costs


Available in non-fragmenting composite or graphite designs, and compatible with liquid, gas and vapour, the two-way disc is suitable for most customer applications. Both disc designs feature Elfab’s unique non-invasive, ATEX-approved detection system, Flo-Tel™, making them the only bidirectional discs on the market to benefit from reusable burst detection. Instant burst indication is critical to many process applications while the detection system’s reusable nature enables customers to make further cost savings.

The composite design is supplied in stainless steel as standard but a wide range of other materials can also be provided. The graphite disc is non-torque sensitive and needs no holder, instead fitting directly between flanges. Both can be installed between a variety of flange arrangements, depending on specific application requirements.

Company contact:
Deborah Bevan
Elfab Ltd
Alder Road
North Shields
Tyne & Wear NE29 8SD
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)191 293 1208
Fax: +44 (0)191 293 1200
E-mail: deborah.bevan@elfab.com
Website: www.elfab.com

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Smith Flow Control’s SmartKey+ Securely Manages Safety Interlock Keys in Real Time

SmartKey+ key cabinets provides a safe and visual way of storing interlock keys

SmartKey+ is an extension of Smith Flow Control’s (SFC’s) Key Management Systems. Key cabinets provide a safe and visual way of storing interlock system ‘initiating’ keys. SmartKey+ has been developed to provide all the features of SFC’s Visual Alert Key Cabinet, along with the ability to record movements of keys in real-time, providing complete accuracy.

SmartKey+ uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology which allows a key to be tracked with complete confidence, providing operator and control room personnel with information on interlocked processes and their status. Full transaction history is available, revealing details of key insertion/removal. The unit is designed to support a remote web interface, without any specific licence.
SmartKey+ with a 36 key requirement

SmartKey+ has enhanced levels of system security. All keys are trapped in the cabinet until authorization is granted; a user is identified by a pin code. SmartKey+ highlights specific key positions that the operator is authorized to use. The user selects the appropriate key from the panel and removes the key as the selected key position is unlocked.
To reinsert a key in the SmartKey+ Cabinet, the user scans the key in front of the integrated scanner and the appropriate key position is highlighted on the frontal display for re-insertion.
The SmartKey+ Cabinet is configured around a central control panel capable of running a system with over 500 keys. SmartKey+ is comprised of modular sections, each containing 18 key positions, and can be increased incrementally.
SFC’s SmartKey+ provides a unique solution to key management, combining innovative software and smart technologies.

Enquiries to:
Ms. Louise Cracknell,
Smith Flow Control Ltd.
6 Waterside Business Park
Eastways Industrial Estate
Witham, Essex CM8 3YQ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1376 517901
E-mail: l.cracknell@smithflowcontrol.com
Website: www.smithflowcontrol.com

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