Labsphere Launches illumia®plus Line for Light Measurement

Labsphere has introduced the illumia®plus series of LED and light measurement systems, building on its illumia technology with enhanced design that allows for adjustability. Lighting manufacturers can pick the illumia®plus options they need now and add on modules as standards and business change.

Labsphere Launches illumia plus Line for Light Measurement

Labsphere Launches illumia plus Line for Light Measurement

The illumia®plus is equipped with Labsphere’s mobile Integral™ light measurement software that allows users to access their systems from any location in almost any language. Each base system includes a choice of integrating spheres in sizes up to 3 meters and a wide range of spectrometers to meet various applications. The redesigned spheres allow for tool-less switching between base-up and base-down measurement geometries and hot-swapping of stabilized lamps, saving customers significant time for each measurement.

illumia®plus integrating spheres are coated with Labsphere’s Spectraflect® high reflectance coating, providing a nearly perfect diffuse reflectance for greatest measurement accuracy.

For further information please contact:
Makarand Wadhavekar
Labsphere India Sales Manager
Halma India
B1-401 Boomerang, Chandivali
Andheri (East), Mumbai 400072
Tel: +91 22 67080400, Fax: +91 22 67080405

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Texecom Introduces Advanced Wireless ‘Ricochet Mesh’ Technology to India

Ricochet is an advanced method of wireless electronic security device signalling. This recently developed technology has been derived from high-end IT infrastructure networking and engineered purely to meet the requirements of battery powered commercial-grade wireless security.

Texecom introduces India to Advanced Wireless ‘Ricochet Mesh’ Technology

Texecom introduces India to Advanced Wireless ‘Ricochet Mesh’ Technology

Mesh networking is the process whereby every single wireless device is capable of receiving and retransmitting any signal from any other wireless device on the network. The size, scalability and range of the entire system are extended as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to point communications.

The power of a Ricochet mesh-networking system over point-to-point wireless security systems is made evident when installed in large-scale industrial complexes. Even when using the most expensive, high quality engineered point-to-point wireless system; ultimately the size of the system and scope of protection is compromised by this limiting factor. With mesh-networking the range of the system is not limited in this way, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building.

Each device is provided multiple signalling routes to and from the controlling equipment. This built-in redundancy allows the entire system to be more reliable. If a connection between two devices is lost (perhaps due to changes in the building infrastructure), the network ‘self-heals’ and automatically re-routes communications via alternate devices. In this system as more devices are installed, the greater the reliability of the system. Texecom has developed a new measure of wireless signalling robustness called Signal SecurityTM. This calculates the number of available signalling routes to determine the reliability of any wireless link.

All Ricochet communications are bi-directional, meaning that wireless messages are sent both from devices to the control unit and vice-versa, across the mesh-network. This allows a host of additional features as devices can be programmed to perform different functions depending on the status of the security system. For example, devices can be placed into a ‘low power’ mode of operation when the system is disarmed to conserve battery life. This type of functionality enables new wireless device types – higher-power devices are now possible due to the intelligent power management available across the system.

Texecom’s complete solution
With this new high-performance method of achieving radio communications, Texecom believes that wireless should simply be a connectivity option – with no compromise in device performance when compared to hard-wired devices. Texecom has launched the first mass market electronic security devices to feature Ricochet mesh-networking technology. These products meet the new frequency approvals required by the Indian government, and are 866Mhz wireless versions of Texecom’s established Premier Elite and Premier brands – featuring identical device performance to each equivalent hard-wired option.

Premier Elite and Premier control panel ranges become truly hybrid system with system designers and specifiers given complete freedom to mix-and-match both hard wired and wireless devices – resulting in a completely interoperable system architecture.
Texecom is launching Ricochet enabled security devices, at the new 866MHz frequency, with the introduction of two new kits specifically tailored for the India market.

The Premier Elite 48-W Kit is ideal for mid and high end applications. The kit contains a Premier Elite 48-W wireless control panel, Premier LCD keypad, Premier Elite XT-W wireless motion sensor, Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W wireless magnetic contact and a Premier Elite SmartKey for wireless arming and disarming.

For smaller installations, the Premier 832 Hybrid Kit provides commercial grade wireless signalling and system design flexibility. This kit includes a Premier 832 control panel, Premier LCD keypad, Premier Elite 32XP-W wireless expander, Premier Elite XT-W motion detector, Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W and a Premier Elite SmartKey.

Diagnostic tools
The main aim of wireless is to make the installation process simpler, quicker and less disruptive to the owner of the protected premises. Texecom has developed a series of diagnostic tools that provide the installer with greater system control than ever before.

The most basic and simple feature is the device commission mode. Once a device has been learnt onto a system, the LED flashes to indicate adequate communication to the wireless expander, and even how many devices the unit is communicating through. This is made possible by the bi-directional signalling across the mesh-network and turns each device into its own signal strength meter.

The next level of diagnostic support is an engineer’s keypad facility. Any Premier LCD keypad can simply be connected to a Ricochet expander communications port and a host of diagnostic features is made available. Devices can be learnt or removed from the system, signal strength information and communication routing information is all available on-screen. All the different device attributes (which can be programmed depending on the status of the security system) can be programmed from this menu structure.

The most advanced diagnostic tool is the PC-based Ricochet monitor software. This software, when installed on a laptop and connected to the wireless system, provides greater visibility and control over the wireless system performance than ever before. As the mesh-networking wireless technology enables wireless system performance over a greater area, with more devices and with more communication options than previously possible, the Ricochet monitor software gives complete transparency over system performance.

From a simple, intuitive menu screen all device status is available at a glance, with clear graphics highlighting signalling performance. Device attributes can be configured and distributed across the network in seconds thanks to an innovative ‘global poll’ function that communicates to all devices within moments.

Where the Ricochet monitor software really excels is with the graphical representation of the mesh-networking system.  The system literally ‘comes alive’ when the graphical function is selected. Each device is shown on screen (in real time) placed according to where the device communicates across the network. It is instantly visible and clear which routes communication signals are taking and the overall network performance is demonstrated. As the new wireless architecture removes previous system range limitations, the wireless performance can be stretched to previously unobtainable distances. With the power of the graphical user interface, even complex systems can be diagnosed simply – providing the system installer confidence that the communication platform is robust and reliable.

For large scale and complex systems, mesh-networking makes point-to-point signal strength less relevant. What is often more important is the number of available signalling routes a device has to communicate with the controlling expansion module. With the wireless monitor software, when a device is highlighted it demonstrates all the alternative devices that it could otherwise communicate to – instantly giving the commissioning engineer visibility on the robustness of the system.

For more information please contact:
Munish Dudeja
+91 (0) 98990 20406

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