Fortress Ensures Machine Safety with New Extracted Key Adaptor

Safety Interlocking company Fortress Interlocks has added its new E1 Extracted Key Adaptor to the amGard range of modular safety gate switch interlocks. The E1 has been designed to ensure that the door to hazardous machinery cannot be opened without removing the safety key, and the machinery cannot then be restarted until the key is returned.

The Fortress E1 Extracted Key Adaptor

The Fortress E1 Extracted Key Adaptor

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Fortress has achieved this by designing a mechanism that traps the actuator in the head until the key is removed which then allows the ‘gate’ to swing over the keyhole. While the actuator remains out of the head, the gate remains over the keyhole preventing the key being returned to the lock.

E1 ensures a specific sequence of operation and can be stacked or combined with other adaptors; up to 5 key adaptors can be used in one configuration. E1 also provides a unique link to Fortress’ high profile mechanical mGard range of interlocks.

E1 works with access key and safety key adapters, amGard LOK or STOP bodies and is suitable for either hinged or sliding door applications. The modular arrangement of amGard allows customers to tailor and configure products to suit their application. amGard is a heavy duty interlocking range that provides both safety and security by controlling access to dangerous machinery and safeguarding personnel. A variety of actuators and adaptable mounting arrangements helps sustain a long life cycle and minimises downtime.

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  1. NAZIR MULLA says:

    Dear Mr K. J. Srinivasan

    We are looking for the FORTRESS KEY & LOCK for Operation Panel emergency Switch & Equipment room door locking with the single key.
    We are one of the OEM for manufacturing & supplying of pharma equipment,One of our blending equipment is having the same kind of requirement.Please send us the product details/catalouge & offer with delivery time

    Thanx n Regards

    Nazir Mulla

  2. damian says:

    Dear Mr Mulla

    Apologies for the late reply. Please can you contact Mr Aaron Harvey, Fortress Interlocks’ International Sales Manager, on e-mail aaron.harvey@fortressinterlocks for more information.

    Many thanks

    Damian Corbet
    Hala PR Services

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