Quality Reinverted Images during Vitreoretinal Surgery with ROLS

Available in manual and powered versions from Volk

Enabling a completely custom surgical microscope fit, Volk Optical’s new ROLS∞ (Infinity) reinverter is the most technically advanced viewing system for reinverted images during vitreoretinal surgery. Used to correctly orient the images created by non contact viewing systems or contact lenses, it delivers precision image reproduction for visualization of the macula and panoramic views up to the ora serrata.

Volk’s ROLS®∞ (Infinity)

Volk’s ROLS®∞ (Infinity)

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Like traditional ROLS reinverters, Volk’s ROLS∞ is preset at the factory for alignment with the microscope type. However, the ROLS∞ is unique because it also allows users to adjust the prism to fit each individual microscope’s optical pathway. To accommodate the minute shifts that exist from one microscope to the next, Volk’s new design has mechanisms to set and lock the internal prism in the correct alignment for a completely custom fit. This precise alignment with the optical pathway reduces image shift and vignetting when engaging the optical prism.

A low profile design minimizes the microscope’s stack height.  The ROLS∞ is available in a manual configuration, or a foot switch operated powered version.  The unit installs easily and can be removed quickly for cleaning and sterilization.

The combination of the ROLS∞ with Volk’s modular MERLIN® surgical viewing system and Volk’s high magnification and wide field vitrectomy lenses forms the most advanced method for non contact retinal viewing.

For more information please contact Mahadev Dhuri, Volk’s India Sales Manager, on e-mail  Mahadev.dhuri@halma.com , telephone 022 6708 0400 or cell phone on 9930 311090.

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