Volk’s Merlin surgical view system conjures up superior imaging

Improved image quality, less waste with system’s reusable lenses

Volk Optical’s new Merlin Surgical System provides precise control of non-contact lens position and focus for clear, crisp views during vitreoretinal surgery.  Adaptable to any surgical microscope, with Volk’s new ROLS (Infinity) reinverter, and the choice of three lenses, the modular Merlin system is the most advanced method for non contact retinal viewing.

The modular Merlin system from Volk Optical

The modular Merlin system from Volk Optical

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The Merlin mounts beneath the optical pathway of the surgical microscope, holding a non-contact lens in place and allowing accurate positioning and fine focus control.  Its rotational assembly quickly and easily moves the lens out of the surgical field when not in use.  The system is fully steam autoclavable; additional components can be purchased a la carte to facilitate sterilization scheduling.

Unlike traditional ROLS reinverters, with a fixed prism position for each microscope type, the ROLS (Infinity) reinverter allows prism adjustment to fit each individual microscope’s optical pathway.  To accommodate the minute shifts that exist from one microscope to the next, Volk’s new design has mechanisms to set and lock the internal prism in the correct alignment for a completely custom fit.  Precise control of the optical pathway results in the best possible image quality.

The PermaView glass Volk lenses used with the system deliver a level of optical quality not possible with disposable lenses.  Three lens styles are available to suit individual surgeons’ needs–one to deliver the widest field views approaching the ora serrata, a mid-field lens for higher magnification to the equator, and a wide-field small diameter lens to free up space in the working area.

Volk’s proprietary PermaView glass prevents mineral deposits during repeated steam sterilization, maintaining the lens clarity that comes with Volk’s patented double aspheric design.  The reusable lenses deliver better image quality and, with a long service life, are significantly more cost-effective than disposable lenses.

For more information please contact Mahadev Dhuri, Volk’s India Sales Manager, on e-mail  Mahadev.dhuri@halma.com , telephone 022 6708 0400 or cell phone on 9930 311090.

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