Clean, Streamlined New Website For Palintest

Water testing specialist Palintest has launched its new website, making it easier than ever to access detailed information on its range of market-leading analysis technology. Localised versions for the Asia Pacific region, China, UK, USA and Australia are now fully live and ready for visitors, with French, Spanish and German language sites online soon.

Palintest website

The new, fresh design can be seen at . The new site offers news and instruction manuals, MSDS downloads, as well as technical product, reagent and ordering information that will be continually updated. Customers can now also sign up to a newsletter to be automatically informed of the latest developments at Palintest. The site has been designed to be as friendly and easy-to-use as possible, whilst also quickly providing visitors with the information they are looking for, in as much or little detail as they need.

From the homepage, choosing a different testing situation (e.g. Wastewater, Pool & Spa, Industrial) will take users directly to a list of products applicable for that sector. For users who know exactly what they need already, a quick-find drop-down menu takes them straight there. Each product has its own web page, with a brief description and assorted further information. Product codes for quick ordering are listed, along with related reagents, technical datasheets and even instruction manuals available for download.

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Insertion Probe Water Flowmeter Displays New Features

The HydrINS 2 electromagnetic insertion probe from Hydreka has now been launched by Halma Water Management, building on the functionality, proven success and recognised accuracy of the original flowmeter. Chief among the new features is support for an optional LCD screen that gives readouts of all measurements.

Hydreka HydrINS 2

As with Hydreka’s original HydrINS, the new product is a portable, easily deployable and remote-monitoring ready method of measuring bi-directional flow rates, using a highly accurate electromagnetic sensor suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes.  ‘Hot tap’ installation means that supply is not interrupted, and in addition to the direct output to datalogging devices for result recording and wireless telemetry, the HydrINS 2 also supports an optional LCD display for instant local (>200m) viewing of readings, results and alarms.  The battery life for both the probe and the display is up to 10 years, depending on the setup settings, and both units are watertight rated to IP68.

The HydrINS 2 can be effectively used throughout the water distribution network, measuring accurate flow rates at reservoirs, water treatment works, pumping stations, water pipes and DMA zones. Velocity profiling at the point of measurement validates the enhanced accuracy provided by the stainless steel electrodes. The flow data is easily downloaded and interpreted with the tailor-made Winfluid software (PC or PDA), which can also be used to program the device. Aids to help the physical installation include a reinforced stem, anti-ejection chain, locking nut and insertion point clamp. This product is also easily linkable to other HWM products, with for example a push-fit connector for pressure measurement, and a watertight military specification connection for dataloggers. For more information, the new HydrINS 2 brochure can be downloaded from the HWM website at .

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Labsphere and Orb Optronix Announce Collaboration

Partnership brings new product development, production and sales opportunities

Light measurement companies Labsphere and Orb Optronix have announced a far-reaching collaboration to encompass product development, manufacturing and distribution. Under the new agreement, select Orb Optronix LED test instrumentation will be manufactured at Labsphere’s facility in the USA. The two companies will cooperate on the development of a broad range of new LED, display and light metrology products. Orb Optronix also plans to expand its thriving LED measurement services laboratory with the addition of several Labsphere systems.

(Photo caption: Pictured from left to right – Rand Lee, Orb Optronix; Kevin Chittim, Labsphere; Dave Jenkins, Orb Optronix; Greg McKee, Labsphere)

The companies will now also share sales channels. Orb Optronix’s LED characterization systems and software will be sold through Labsphere’s worldwide sales organization while Labsphere products will be available through Orb Optronix’s United States distribution network.

Labsphere Orb Optronix

Orb Optronix President Dave Jenkins commented, “We’ve developed strong product design relationships with a number of high profile companies through our Engineering Services Group and LED Measurement Laboratory. Now that we are ready to release hardware and software targeted at the LED test and measurement markets, we’ve partnered with the premier light metrology organization and look forward to a long and fulfilling distribution and product development relationship with Labsphere.”

“Dave Jenkins and his partners and associates at Orb Optronix have built a world-class product development organization in an incredibly short time,” adds Labsphere President Kevin Chittim. “We believe the partnership between Orb and Labsphere will offer our customers incredible benefits in terms of innovation, customer service and value.”

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Ocean Optics Spectrometer Detects Liquid Contraband in China

QE65000 used in detection units being tested for public security applications

Ocean Optics (, the industry leader in miniature photonics, has supplied ten QE65000 scientific grade spectrometers to the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security in Shanghai, China. The spectrometers have been integrated into demo units of the AY01-01 Rapid Liquid Contraband Detector which uses Raman spectrometry to detect a number of liquid and crystal contraband substances.

QE6500 liquid contraband

Currently deployed in various airport locations and border crossings with Vietnam, the QE65000 enables the AY01-01 to detect explosives, drugs, dangerous chemicals and other hazardous liquids or transparent crystals. The device is currently capable of differentiating between up to 200 different compounds, with the speed and accuracy of Raman spectroscopy. Its use is expected to expand beyond airports and borders to large public gatherings such as conferences and sporting events. Unlimited language options make it suited to global use.

When choosing a spectrometer for the AY01-01, performance, speed and accuracy were the Institute’s highest priorities. As it will be used by security and event personnel to screen thousands of people in a short period of time, it was critical that the device be very fast, simple, and convenient to operate with minimal training.

The highly-sensitive QE65000 modular spectrometer can achieve up to 90% quantum efficiency (defined as how efficiently a photon is converted to a photoelectron) with high signal-to-noise and rapid signal processing speed. Its high-speed electronics have been designed for considerable flexibility in connecting to various modules and external interfaces through USB 2.0 (backwards compatible to USB 1.1) or RS-232 communications. It is a popular choice for Raman analysis and other low-light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing, thin film reflectivity and astronomy.

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E-Motive Launches Evolution Range of Next Generation Elevator Displays

E-Motive’s new Evolution© range of TFT multi-media elevator displays with ultra-slim LED screens provide building owners with total control over the information shown to elevator passengers. They also provide operators the ability to edit the contents of the displays to their specific requirements.


The displays can be programmed for basic elevator information such as floor number and elevator direction as well as welcome messages, floor directories, advertisements, live TV feeds, video clips and live stock and share information.

The Evolution©’s ultra-slim advanced LCD screens are available in a range of sizes (7.1”, 10.4”, 15”, 21” up to 42”) with portrait or landscape view orientation.

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FFE FIRERAY Beam Detection Technology Chosen to Protect ‘Caja Mágica’ Tennis Complex in Spain

As a part of its fire safety system, the deluxe Caja Mágica tennis complex in Madrid, Spain is using about 50 FIRERAY 50R and FIRERAY 100R beam-type smoke detectors from Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) to help protect the large indoor spaces of its the three stadiums.

Caja Magica Spain

With its largest stadium holding up to 12,500 spectators, and all three benefiting from retractable rain covers, effective fire safety throughout the large indoor area poses potential challenges. Reflective beam detectors, such as the Fire Fighting Enterprises FIRERAY models that have been installed, are designed specifically for such situations, with each unit’s beam able to sense smoke over a wide corridor of space.

Mr Jorge Cimorra, FFE’s local Spanish distributor, explained the choice of the FIRERAY products for such a prestigious project: “The FIRERAY 50R and 100R beam detectors are tried and tested products for detecting smoke over big, indoor spaces – and that’s exactly what this installation needed. The minimal cabling and wall mounting are also really useful in a situation like this as well.”

One FIRERAY 100R can detect smoke over an area as great as 1500m2 that would usually need about 15 point detectors to safely protect. Another important benefit is the reduced aesthetic impact, as well as requiring a fraction of the cabling and maintenance due to the reduced number of detectors needed.

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