Solarisation Resistant Fibres from Fiberguide Industries

Fibres’ coating protects against solarisation during deep UV exposure

Leading optical fibre manufacturer Fiberguide Industries has introduced a full line of standard solarisation resistant fibres for deep UV applications. The fibres are ideal for spectroscopy, lithography and excimer laser delivery applications where fibres are exposed to deuterium lamp transmission (190nm to 230nm) or ArF-Excimer (193nm) laser.

Solarisation Resistant Fibres

Prolonged UV transmission below 260nm causes solarisation in optical fibres, reducing their UV transmittance significantly. Fiberguide’s solarisation resistant fibres use a modified core pre-form that protects fibre from the damaging effects of deep UV. These fibres have excellent performance and long-term stability at 30 to 40% transmission (for 215nm). Fibre core sizes can be produced from 50um to greater that 1000um。. Customer cabled or multi-fibre assemblies are also available.

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