Labsphere’s Spectralon® Reflectance Standards for Highly Accurate Calibration Of Testing Equipment

With the highest diffuse reflectance values of any known substance, Labsphere’s Spectralon® Reflectance Standards provide the most accurate calibration for a variety of testing equipment. Spectrophotometers, Densitometers, Integrating Sphere Systems, Optical Equipment, Photographic Equipment, Reflectometers and Remote Sensing Instruments can be calibrated according to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable standards.

Calibration Standards

Available in a variety of reflectance values and colors with values ranging from 2 to 99 percent reflectance values over the 250 – 2500 nm wavelength range, the diffuseness of Labsphere’s standards eliminate viewing angle errors.  Spectralon is the only known substance on the market that stays completely diffuse at these high reflectance values.

The standards come both calibrated and uncalibrated and are available individually and as sets.  The durable units are thermally stable, washable and waterproof for use in a wide variety of environments from laboratory to production and quality control.

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