Omnifit® Bubble Trap for In-Line Removal of Bubbles in Laboratory Instrumentation

Bio-Chem Fluidics is helping instrument manufacturers in India save time and assembly costs by offering pre-assembled tubing sets to their exact specifications. Kits for complete instruments can be supplied under a single part number, enabling manufacturers to simplify their purchasing and inventory management.

Bubble Trap

The principle of operation is simple: when a fluid containing bubbles flows through the device, any bubbles are forced through a micro-porous, hydrophobic membrane, while the fluid is retained within the bubble trap. Because the membrane function depends on its hydrophobicity, the bubble trap is only suitable for use with aqueous systems.

The unit is quick and easy to connected in-line using 1/4”-28 UNF female threaded ports and fittings such as Omni-Lok™. While the maximum flow rate is dependent upon the amount of bubbles in the liquid, the typical operating range is 0.5 – 2.0ml/min. Up to 6ml/min can be achieved if few bubbles are present in the liquid.

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Ocean Optics Expands Jaz Software Options

Absolute-irradiance and scripting language options increase range of possible applications for modular field portable spectrometer

Ocean Optics, the industry leader in miniature photonics, has increased the usability and flexibility of its Jaz modular optical sensing platform with two new software options, the Jaz-IRRAD for irradiance measurements and the Jaz Scripting Language for building custom applications.  The modular design of the Jaz family allows it to be customized for a range of applications in field, lab or process environments.  With the new software options, users will be able to further tailor measurements to their requirements, without any special programming knowledge.

Jaz Software

With Jaz-IRRAD absolute irradiance measurement software, the handheld Jaz transforms into a dedicated light meter, allowing users to measure calibrated absolute irradiance without any need for an external computer. Characteristics such as colour temperature, spectral intensity and colour space values of LEDs, radiant sources and the sun are captured with just 3 pushes of a button. . Data captured can be post processed to the intensity parameter of choice-Watts/cm2, lumen, luz, PAR, or any other light intensity parameter.

The Jaz Scripting Language offers nearly endless possibilities for creating custom applications.  This powerful tool is simple enough for non-programmers to build measurement sequences into a self-contained application.  Operations such as measuring the sugar content of a liquid, or expressing reflected colour in colourspace values such as L*a*b*, can be designed and tested on a PC and loaded onto the Jaz for execution.

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Hanovia Shows Benefits of UV Disinfection to Chinese Bottled Water Producers

UV put forward as an  alternative to ozonation, eliminating the ‘bromate issue’

In a presentation to members of the Chinese Mineral Water Sub-Association* held on April 9 in Kunming, China, Hanovia’s Sales and Marketing Director Keith Watson told members how medium pressure UV technology can help solve the ‘bromate issue’ for bottled water producers. He also provided examples of how Hanovia’s UV technology is helping producers worldwide purify their water without resorting to ozonation, and with none of the unwanted by-products, such as bromate (a Class 2B carcinogen), that are often associated with ozone treatment.

China Beverage Association

Photo caption: Keith Watson, Hanovia’s Sales and Marketing Director (right) and Ying Xu, the company’s Business Development Manager, during the presentation

One of the reasons for the meeting was to help bottled water producers understand the impending Chinese Mineral Water Standard (GB8537-2008), due to come into effect on October 1, 2009, and to meet its requirements. One of these requirements will be for bromate concentrations to be less than 10ppb (parts per billion). Presently, the overwhelming majority of Chinese bottled water producers use ozone disinfection technology. Ozone is a strongly oxidising chemical disinfectant and, while effectively killing microorganisms, it also produces a number of disinfection by-products by oxidizing other substances in the water.

In China, where food safety has become a major issue, bottled water producers are under increasing pressure to ensure their product is safe and does not contain unwanted contaminants – either from external sources or as disinfection by-products. Hanovia’s medium pressure, closed vessel UV technology is recognised for its environmentally friendly, highly efficient disinfection properties. China’s top three bottled water producers, including Nongfu Spring, have all now opted for Hanovia UV technology and all report excellent results.

Many participants at the meeting also had negative experiences with low pressure UV systems in the past, so there was a lot of interest in the medium pressure UV alternative. Some attendees said that, before the meeting, they were not even aware of the differences between low and medium pressure UV, assuming that all UV devices were more or less the same. It was a revelation to find out that, in fact, there are significant differences between the two technologies.

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Volk HRX Vit Lens Delivers Extreme Wide Views

High resolution extreme field indirect contact surgical lens

For indirect image viewing of the entire retina during vitreoretinal surgical procedures, Volk Optical’s new HRX (High Resolution eXtreme field) Vit Lens offers unmatched imaging.  The super-wide field lens ensures visualization of retinal pathologies to the ora serrata with high index glass construction for crisp image quality.

HRX Vit Lens

For vitreo-retinal surgeons who prefer to conduct surgery with an indirect contact surgical lens and reinverter, the traditional standard has been the 127° field offered by Volk’s Mini Quad and the 134° field of the Mini Quad XL.  With this new lens, Volk has been able to expand the field of view to 150° for even greater peripheral visualization and treatment power at .43x image magnification.

The HRX Vit lens delivers this super wide view without compromising image quality.  High grade, high refractive index glass ensures optical quality.  Volk’s patented double aspheric design maintains linear image magnification and image clarity across the entire field of view.

With a low profile and reduced size housing, the HRX Vit facilitates surgical procedures and instrument manipulation.  The lens is available in either a standard contact option or Volk’s patented SSV® (Self Stabilizing Vitrectomy) design.  SSV lenses contact directly to the cornea, eliminating the need for suture or stabilizing rings and reducing associated patient discomfort and surgical prep time.

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Labsphere’s Spectralon® Reflectance Standards for Highly Accurate Calibration Of Testing Equipment

With the highest diffuse reflectance values of any known substance, Labsphere’s Spectralon® Reflectance Standards provide the most accurate calibration for a variety of testing equipment. Spectrophotometers, Densitometers, Integrating Sphere Systems, Optical Equipment, Photographic Equipment, Reflectometers and Remote Sensing Instruments can be calibrated according to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable standards.

Calibration Standards

Available in a variety of reflectance values and colors with values ranging from 2 to 99 percent reflectance values over the 250 – 2500 nm wavelength range, the diffuseness of Labsphere’s standards eliminate viewing angle errors.  Spectralon is the only known substance on the market that stays completely diffuse at these high reflectance values.

The standards come both calibrated and uncalibrated and are available individually and as sets.  The durable units are thermally stable, washable and waterproof for use in a wide variety of environments from laboratory to production and quality control.

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