Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon® Conquers Final Frontier

Highly diffuse reflectance material inert and stable for space flight applications

With a reflectance value greater than 99 percent, Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon® delivers the highest level of uniform light integration with the stability, sustainability and purity required for applications involving space flight. Used to recalibrate in-flight cameras, Space-Grade Spectralon coating material and targets have a proven track record of success in a number of spacecraft currently in flight.

Space-Grade Spectralon

(Photo caption: Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon is manufactured under stringent quality control guidelines to eliminate contaminants that can cause UV degradation)

Chemically inert, and thermally and environmentally stable, Space-Grade Spectralon provides extremely stable, reproducible spectral reflectance.  It achieves reflectance values of greater than 99 percent for wavelength ranges from visible through mid wave infrared.

Through extensive testing for UV-VUV radiation exposure, a stringent manufacturing process was developed to eliminate potential contaminants that can lead to UV degradation.  The high purity and cleanliness requirements in space environment applications are further ensured by Labsphere’s sophisticated manufacturing, shipping and contamination process controls.

Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon is the only recognized Lambertian material that has been used in launch environments and is fully characterized.  It has been used for sensor calibration in over 25 space applications, including MODIS, MSIR, MERIS, GOSAT and ABI sensors.

Recently, ITT Industries Space Systems Division selected Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon for a project “because it is the only reflectance material in the industry that has proven results in space for terrestrial remote sensing applications,” according to Senior Systems Engineer, Kim Slack.

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