Fiberguide Introduces Collimators and Focus Guides For Fibre Optics

Leading optical fibre manufacturer Fiberguide Industries has introduced a line of standard collimators and focus guides for use with a wide variety of optical systems.

Focus Guides

Designed to collimate or focus light exiting an optical fibre to a desired beam diameter, the collimators can be used with laser diodes, photodiodes, acoustic-optic modulators and other fibre optic devices.  Focus guides thread into the collimator, refocusing the beam at a given distance.  Collimators and focus guides can be used as matched pairs to couple light in and out of optical devices.

The ruggedised modules are manufactured to accept SMA, ST, FC or machined ferrule style connectors.  Assembled and preset to meet required specifications, all collimators and focus guides can be adjusted to provide the flexibility necessary for customers’ specified set ups.

Collimators are available in three sizes: the macro collimator for optical fibre core sizes larger than 800μm diameter, the mid-size collimator for sizes up to 800μm diameter, and the micro collimators for fibres up to 400μm diameter.  Focus guides are available for the macro and mid-size collimators.

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Ocean Optics’ New Remora Delivers Spectrometer Remote Access Capabilities

Accessory upgrades existing spectrometers instantly to retrieve spectral data and control operating parameters

Ocean Optics, the industry leader in miniature photonics, has used the emergence of powerful yet inexpensive microprocessors to turn its spectrometers into webservers that can wirelessly exchange data and operation parameters. The new Remora is a plug and play adapter that makes connecting to an Ocean Optics Spectrometer as easy as putting a URL into a browser.  Users can access Remora over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to capture real-time data and control their spectrometer’s parameters.


Compatible with Ocean Optics’ HR4000, HR2000+ and QE65000 spectrometers, Remora combines Ocean Optics’ spectral acquisition and processing power with wireless convenience. Remora installs quickly and easily via USB and leaves GPIO connections free.

With Remora’s wireless capabilities, users can carry out a range of data collection and control functions remotely. Through the Remora User Interface, users can collect data, export spectral data to delimited and graph formats and change the spectrometer’s acquisition parameters – all remotely. Remora also generates a log file that tracks current and past setups for identifying errors.

Remora also makes it possible to access and control Ocean Optics spectrometers in a network from other web-enabled devices such as iPhones and PDAs. Remora supports most web browsers.

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E-Motive Supplies Customised LED Elevator Displays For London’s Underground Network

Elevator display specialist E-Motive has recently provided bespoke LED elevator displays for nine stations in London’s underground railway network.

London Underground

Dewhurst, a leading British elevator component supplier, approached E-Motive following a request from a major elevator manufacturer for a new specification of display. The displays needed to be very bright – to make them easily visible from a distance – and able to show elevator position, upper and lower case letters, as well as both standard and customised messages.

Due to the different elevator car sizes found in the nine stations concerned, the displays also had to be supplied in non-standard lengths of 1.1m and 0.9m; provision was also made for a 1.4m version, for future delivery. E-Motive accomplished this by adapting its existing range of long displays and modifying the relevant software.

“Our client was amazed by the speed of E-Motive’s response,” said Dewhurst’s head of European elevator sales. “Within a week of an enquiry being made they had been sent a photo, and a week later they received a product sample.”

The stations where the displays will be installed are Edgware, Hendon Central, Golders Green, Finchley Central, Wood Lane, Oakwood, Acton Town, Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford.

About E-Motive
With its head office in Singapore and regional offices in India, China, the USA  and Dubai, E-Motive is a world leader in elevator display and monitoring technology. The company designs and manufactures the software, electronics and hardware for a wide selection of displays and monitoring systems used in high profile installations worldwide. E-Motive’s Indian office comes under the jurisdiction of TL Jones India Pvt. Ltd., another Halma subsidiary and a world-leading manufacturer of elevator safety equipment.

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Volk Digital Series Diagnostic Lenses Deliver The Highest Resolution Views For Both BIO And Slit Lamp Use

The Digital Series noncontact lenses from Volk Optical deliver the highest resolution views for both BIO and slit lamp use.  Five different lens styles are available to provide superior optical clarity for a variety of diagnostic work, with a design that maximizes digital imaging quality.

Digital Series

Specifically designed for use in BIO exams, Volk’s Digital ClearField and Digital ClearMag lenses deliver an image quality previously unattainable during a BIO exam, resulting in increased general diagnostic capability with a shorter exam time.  The Digital ClearField facilitates detailed mid and far peripheral retinal examination, while the Digital ClearMag is optimal for detailed optic disc and posterior pole examination.

The Digital High Mag® slit lamp lens produces detailed, high magnification, 3D views of the posterior pole.  With superior depth perception in the never fiber layer and detection of optic disc swelling and cupping, this lens assists in identifying glaucoma at its earliest stages.  The Digital High Mag offers greater diagnostic power than older 60D/78D lenses.

The Digital Wide Field® has the widest field of view available in a noncontact lens.  It delivers superior pan retinal views approaching the ora serrata, making it the best lens for diagnosing pathologies such as retinal tears in the periphery.  An upgrade from 90D lenses, the Digital Wide Field provides a much wider field of view and works well for examination through an undilated pupil.

For general diagnostic work, the Digital 1.0x provides a clear view of the posterior pole. Its 1 to 1 magnification ratio makes measurement of the optic disc simple.

All of Volk’s Digital Series lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating, optimized for visible light to reduce the incidence of glare and reflections, resulting in better digital photographs.  The company’s patented double aspheric design assures optical quality with undistorted views across the lens.

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Automatic Location Logging for Water Leak Detection

The Permalog Patroller drive-by data capture system from Halma Water Management (HWM) now incorporates the latest Microsoft MapPoint technology and GPS to accurately record the location of each deployed Permalog leak detector. This means that operators no longer need to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of manually marking logger locations.


When each new Permalog is deployed, the Patroller uses a wireless handheld scanner to retrieve each logger’s unique serial number via Bluetooth technology. This information is then linked to its GPS position with MapPoint software, plotting the network of leak detectors for future reference and analysis on detailed mapping software.

A database of Permalog detectors and their precise whereabouts is built up, along with the latest leak monitoring measurements and instant visual cues for any alerts: a green flag indicates that all is well, and a red flag means there’s a leak. Having the location mapped then makes it easier than ever to quickly despatch leak repair teams directly to the trouble spots.

Historic data for each unit can also be called up, allowing for a systematic analysis of leak positions over time, and all the data can also be exported in .csv format for water company GIS systems, to be overlaid onto water network plans. This information can then be used to identify problem areas of the water network in the past, present, and – potentially – future.
Another benefit of automatic location logging is the asset security it offers – no more units lost due to inaccurate or mislaid maps, and easier retrieval for temporary ‘lift and shift’ operations.

About Halma Water Management
Halma Water Management (HWM) is the world leader and world’s largest supplier of leakage management, pressure management and flowmeter technology. HWM is comprised of four Halma companies: Palmer Environmental, Radcom Technologies, Hydreka and FSC, under a single dedicated sales and sales support network. For more information please visit the company’s website at .

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Elfab Launches Burst Detection System For OEM Market

Elfab, the leading European manufacturer of rupture discs, has further developed its product range to allow OEM customers to benefit from its fail-safe, ATEX-approved burst detection system, Flo-Tel™+.


Since the launch of Flo-Tel™+ in 2003, Elfab has sold thousands of units of the integral detection system to a wide range of industries worldwide. OE-Tel, the latest addition to the Flo-Tel™+ range, allows customers in OEM markets to identify when a disc has functioned within one of their applications.

OE-Tel offers all the benefits of Elfab’s original magnetic burst detection system and is suitable for a number of the company’s custom-engineered devices, including those that are electron beam welded by Elfab’s unique in-house capability.  Unlike traditional membrane-type detectors, OE-Tel is fail-safe.  The non-invasive detection system is installed on the vent side of rupture discs and only operates when a disc has functioned, thereby eliminating false alarms.

OE-Tel will benefit a range of OEM customers, particularly those with applications in the aerospace, defence and medical industries.  Fitted to the wall of the component, OE-Tel is available for discs with a nominal bore of between 25mm and 100mm.

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Custom Tubing Sets For Fluid Handling

Bio-Chem Fluidics is helping instrument manufacturers save time and assembly costs by offering pre-assembled tubing sets to their exact specifications. Kits for complete instruments can be supplied under a single part number, enabling manufacturers to simplify their purchasing and inventory management.

Custom Tubing Sets

Customers can mix and match a wide range of ferrule types, fitting nut designs and colours, tubing sizes and materials to custom configure their ideal system. They can also choose single or multiple tubing sets, fittings at one or both ends of a line, different coloured fitting nuts for colour coding fluid lines, and mesh wrapping to simplify tubing management within an instrument.

The tubing sets are assembled to exact specifications by Bio-Chem Fluidics’ skilled production staff, ensuing a perfect, leak-free connection. The most popular options for instrument manufacturers are from the Omni-Lok fitting range, which features a compact fitting nut in robust, glass-filled polypropylene or PEEK and a choice of chemically inert ferrule types.

The Omni-Lok fitting nut also features a recess to house the ferrule, allowing maximum thread engagement with the port. This ensures the system stays sealed up to the rated pressure even in shallow or PTFE ports. The nut can spin freely, eliminating tubing twist and is available in a choice of nine colours for easy colour-coding of fluid lines. Fitting nuts are available in robust, glass-filled polypropylene or PEEK and in 1/4”-28 UNF, M6 and 5/16″-24 UNF thread types.

To support the new range of tubing sets the company has also published a comprehensive new fittings systems catalogue which details the complete range of Omnifit® fittings, connectors and adaptors, with particular emphasis given to the Omni-Lok range.

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TL Jones India Moves Headquarters To New Premises In Mumbai

TL Jones, a world leader in elevator door protection and information systems, has moved its Indian headquarters in Mumbai to new premises in Hyde Park on the Saki Vihar Road, Andheri East. The move to the new state-of-the-art office facility, featuring expanded engineering and service support facilities, included a pooja (dedication ceremony). The company also has branch offices in Chennai and New Delhi.

TL Jones

(Photo caption: the opening of TL Jones’ new premises in Mumbai. Key personnel: Dinesh Musalekar, General Manager of TL Jones India Pvt Ltd (5th from left); Chris Stoelhorst, Divisional Managing Director of all TL Jones divisions (6th from left); Andrew Williams, Chief Executive of Halma p.l.c. (7th from left)

Commenting on the move, Dinesh Musalekar, General Manager of TL Jones India, said, “With the exponential growth we have experienced in India over recent years it was essential for us to expand our engineering and service capabilities to support our increased Indian customer base. The new Mumbai facility, in addition to our two branch offices, helps us achieve this.”

About TL Jones
TL Jones is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of safety and accessory equipment to elevator companies around the world. Established over 70 years ago, the New Zealand-headquartered company has recently undergone significant international reorganisation. TL Jones Asia Pacific, based in Singapore, now houses a regional management team responsible for operations and trading throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and a central marketing team for the whole organisation. TLJ Technologies, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and E-Motive Display, in Singapore, both accommodate trading, manufacturing and R&D capabilities. TL Jones India has three trading offices, while TL Jones China, in Shanghai, holds trading and manufacturing facilities.

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Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon® Conquers Final Frontier

Highly diffuse reflectance material inert and stable for space flight applications

With a reflectance value greater than 99 percent, Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon® delivers the highest level of uniform light integration with the stability, sustainability and purity required for applications involving space flight. Used to recalibrate in-flight cameras, Space-Grade Spectralon coating material and targets have a proven track record of success in a number of spacecraft currently in flight.

Space-Grade Spectralon

(Photo caption: Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon is manufactured under stringent quality control guidelines to eliminate contaminants that can cause UV degradation)

Chemically inert, and thermally and environmentally stable, Space-Grade Spectralon provides extremely stable, reproducible spectral reflectance.  It achieves reflectance values of greater than 99 percent for wavelength ranges from visible through mid wave infrared.

Through extensive testing for UV-VUV radiation exposure, a stringent manufacturing process was developed to eliminate potential contaminants that can lead to UV degradation.  The high purity and cleanliness requirements in space environment applications are further ensured by Labsphere’s sophisticated manufacturing, shipping and contamination process controls.

Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon is the only recognized Lambertian material that has been used in launch environments and is fully characterized.  It has been used for sensor calibration in over 25 space applications, including MODIS, MSIR, MERIS, GOSAT and ABI sensors.

Recently, ITT Industries Space Systems Division selected Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon for a project “because it is the only reflectance material in the industry that has proven results in space for terrestrial remote sensing applications,” according to Senior Systems Engineer, Kim Slack.

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