Mode Scrambler Option Eliminates High Power Laser Hot Spots

Fiberguide Industries’ new mode scrambler option for its line of high power laser delivery assemblies protects the fibre optic conduit by conducting heat away from the fibre end.  Incorporated into the proximal end of the laser assembly, the mode scrambler allows the laser beam a homogeneous exit.

Mode Scrambler

The assembly option employs a custom designed high-power SMA connector, which utilizes air gap technology to eliminate all energy absorbing materials at the fibre end. The cantilevered fibre end can accept very high power levels that would normally destroy traditional fibre termination.  A uniquely designed heat sink is thermally and mechanically connected to the assembly to effectively conduct generated heat away from fibre.

The mode scrambler option is offered on Fiberguide’s standard silica and hard clad fibres, in standard core diameters from 200 to 1500um with numerical apertures ranging from 0.12, 0.22 (standard), 0.26 and 0.39 (standard).  For high power levels, a high conductivity copper ferrule is used for the nose of the connector allowing for greater heat dissipation.  All systems are designed around customers’ exacting requirements and specifications.

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