Volk H-R Wide Field Lens for Laser and Diagnostic Work

High resolution lens allows visualization of details approaching the ora serrata

Volk Optical, a world leader in aspheric optics, has released the H-R Wide Field Laser Lens, a new pan-retinal lens for diagnosis and laser treatment. Its high resolution imaging, coupled with an extremely wide field capability, provides detailed views for diagnostic and laser work.

HR Wide

(Photo Caption: The Volk H-R Wide Field Laser Lens delivers superior imaging for diagnostic needs and PRP laser treatment)

The H-R Wide Field’s deep field of view reveals details as far out as the ora serrata and most importantly, is distortion free across the entire viewing area. The combination of Volk’s patented double aspheric glass design with low dispersion glass ensures the highest resolution imaging across the entire viewing field.

This superior viewing power is contained in a low-profile, reduced-size housing to simplify manipulation of the lens within the orbit. The H-R Wide Field has been compared favourably to the popular discontinued Rodenstock Pan Fundus Laser lens, with an even wider field of view and better image quality.

The lens provides a 0.50x magnification, and a 2.0x laser spot magnification and is the best choice for widest field diagnosis and PRP laser treatment. While the H-R Wide Field is a contact lens, requiring the added step of a coupling solution to the examination, it ensures clear visualisation of retinal tears or lesions across the entire retinal surface.  No non-contact lens exam method is able to achieve this level of image clarity and detail.

For more information about Volk products, please visit www.volk.com, e-mail John Strobel at johns@volk.com or phone him on +1 440-942-6161. The company is currently looking for distributors in India and any interested parties are invited to contact John Strobel for more information.

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