New – Complete Range of Soil Testing Kits from Palintest

On-Site Analysis for Growing, Farming and Soil Management

Palintest, leaders in the supply of specialist water and environmental analysis equipment, have launched a complete new range of soil testing kits. The kits are designed for use ‘in the field’, and cover all levels of user requirement.

Soil Test Kit

The kits are tailored to cater for the needs of everyone from the keen gardener to the professional soil specialist: from a simple ‘colour match’ pH & lime requirement testing kit (the SK 100), to the comprehensive Complete Soil Kit (SK 500) which provides both macro and micro nutrient analysis.

Soil testing is integral to effective agricultural and horticultural management, as well as a vital aspect of disaster relief and recovery efforts. The safety and suitability of soil for use can be measured quantitatively by testing for the presence and concentration of various chemical elements. This can be carried out by taking samples and sending them away to a laboratory for analysis and awaiting the results – or, with the right equipment and components, tested for instantly on the spot.

The kits are supplied with portable carrying cases for both the chemicals and instruments, and include easy-to-follow instructions for correct usage. The Palintest Soil Test Kits use reagents compressed into a stable tablet form for easy, safe and precise transportation and application. This negates the need for the careful measurement and handling of liquid components in the field. The more advanced kits also include a portable Palintest photometer, which makes the measurement even quicker, easier, and more accurate. Please visit the for further information on the specific details of each of the test kits in the range.

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Fireray Protects Indian Cinemas

28 of British company Fire Fighting Enterprises’ Fireray reflective beam detectors have been installed across eight Adlabs Films cinema complexes in India, by regional distributor Code Red Electronics & Security Systems. A further seven Adlabs cinema projects are expected to follow suit, requiring another 30 detectors.

Indian cinemas

Adlabs Films Ltd. is India’s fastest growing film entertainment company, and runs the largest Indian cinema chain – BIG Cinemas, with nearly 400 screens across the subcontinent, Malaysia and the U.S. In the year to come, more than 30 million people are expected to watch a film in one of the company’s theatres, and it is naturally of vital importance to safely protect them in the event of a fire. To that end, eight F100R and 20 F50R Fireray units are now protecting the Lakshmi, Alankar, Ganesh, KS, Nagalaskhmi, Keerthana Ramana, Prakash Kailiash and Majesty Theatres, all in the south-eastern region of Tamilnadu.

FFE’s reflective beam products were selected for these installations due to their proven reliability, easy maintenance and installation, and exceptional coverage range in large indoor areas – the wide, high ceilings of the cinema screens would take many, many point detectors to protect effectively. One Fireray F100R can safely detect smoke over an area of 1500m2 – 100m x 15m, 7.5m laterally either side of the beam; it would take at least 14 point detectors to cover that same space.

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