Fire Fighting Enterprises becomes FFE

Rebrand announced at Intersec 2015

On January 18, 2015 Fire Fighting Enterprises officially became FFE. Known the world over as a specialist in smoke and flame detection through its Fireray and Talentum product brands, FFE is using Intersec Dubai as the platform to announce its rebrand.

“We are delighted to be making this key announcement at Intersec. Changing our name and updating our image marks an important milestone for our company and our customers,” commented FFE’s managing director Mark Osborne. “We’re putting more focus on our two world-renowned product brands – the Fireray optical beam smoke detector and the Talentum flame detector. We welcomed many visitors to our booth number 4-G37 at Intersec to discuss how we can work with them to deliver world-class fire safety.”

FFE has always been driven by innovation, from the introduction of the first Fireray optical beam smoke detector over thirty years ago to the integration of the Talentum flame detector range in 2013. These products are relied on to protect some of the most iconic buildings in the world, including the White House, Buckingham Palace, Dubai Airport and the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, as well as countless industrial installations worldwide. Talentum flame detectors have also been selected to protect the Bloodhound supersonic car, set to break the world land-speed record later this year.

Over 8% of all FFE’s revenues are re-invested back into R&D, developing the technologies that are at the core of Fireray and Talentum and helping to bring about new technological breakthroughs. Through this ongoing research, FFE is not only providing quality today, but developing world-leading technologies for tomorrow.

“Underpinning everything we do is our most valuable asset, our people,” says sales and marketing director Tracy Kirk. “We couldn’t do what we do without our R&D team of highly qualified engineers, a dynamic and truly customer-focussed sales and marketing team, and a UK-based manufacturing facility covering production, testing and calibration.

“Added to that is our purpose-built, on-site training space, where we offer training courses not only on the products we supply, but also on the fundamental principles of smoke and flame detection.”

FFE has offices in the UK, USA, Dubai, India and China and a global network of distributors and channel partners. Continuous growth now sees the company’s products protecting lives in over 90 countries round the world – and this growth is set to continue.

Held between 18-20 January, Intersec is the world’s largest and most comprehensive trade and networking exhibition for the security and safety industries. It offers a unique spectrum of products from the fields of Commercial Security, Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, Homeland Security and Policing.

For more details, please contact India Business Manager, Mr. Sasi Kumar on T: +91 98869 41982 or E-mail:

About FFE
FFE is a UK-based, global design and manufacturing business, dedicated to supplying specialist detection products to the fire industry. The company’s two leading brands are the Fireray optical beam smoke detector, with over half a million units installed worldwide, and the Talentum flame detector, one of the world’s most respected flame detector brands. FFE also leads the global market in providing fire extinguishers for aviation use and produces a range of vibration switches for industrial applications. FFE is a Halma Company.

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Smart+ Combines Mechanical Interlocks with Process Safety Sensors

SmartTrap+ ensures process vessels and pipework are safe to open

In the process industry, mechanical interlocks guarantee strict adherence to procedures and help avoid human error. They are particularly useful for highly dangerous operations such as pigging and valve changeover procedures.

While interlocks ensure extremely high safety levels, they usually function as stand-alone safety systems. New digital technologies are now emerging that enable traditional interlocking to be combined with digital process control and instrumentation systems.

Smith Flow Control is the first company to combine these mutually beneficial technologies in the development of the SmartTrap+, which incorporates signals from sensors into the interlocking sequence.

During a pigging operation certain safety conditions need to be met: the vessel pressure should be at a safe level and all dangerous gases and residue must be removed before opening the pig door. Mechanical interlocking guarantees that all required valve operations are performed, but cannot guarantee the outcomes of these operations.

For example, opening and closing a vent valve does not give real time information that the vessel pressure has actually reached a safe level; while opening and closing a drain valve does not guarantee that all residue has been removed.

By incorporating signals from other field devices like pressure or H2S/CO2 sensors into the interlocking sequence, the SmartTrap+ ensures interlock keys can only be released if particular process conditions have been met. So, for example, this could mean that the key for opening the vessel closure door will only be released when the pressure inside the vessel is acceptable and no dangerous gases or residue are detected.

SmartTrap+ incorporates permissive signals and a door lock proximity switch (4-20mA) as standard. The signals can include (but are not limited to) pressure detection, gas detection, flow/ level and pig detection.

Some of the factors contributing to pipeline pigging incidents include:
• Lack of training or complacency
• Lack of hazard awareness
• False sense of security and reliance only on pressure gauges

SmartTrap+ effectively deals with these factors, making pigging a safer operation and grants full traceability in real time.

The process industry’s standard preventive actions include:
• Hazard identification and risk assessment including management of changes
• Awareness, training and competencies of personnel
• Procedures that address normal and upset conditions

SmartTrap+ reinforces these actions and implements genuine physical control on any pigging operation.

For operators needing to ensure higher levels of process safety, the SmartTrap+ is an ideal solution. By incorporating the best of traditional mechanical interlocking with process sensor information to ensure all vessels are safe to access, it will help to reduce accidents and reduce downtime.

For more information, contact Ms. Louise Cracknell at +44 (0) 1376 517901, Email:, or ; or visit

About Smith Flow Control
Smith Flow Control (SFC) is a British company specialising in mechanical valve control equipment. This includes procedural control using mechanical valve interlocks and activity management systems: EasiDrive portable valve actuators, FlexiDrive mechanical valve linkage systems for remote and/or simultaneous valve operation and TorkDrive, a torque limiting device. SFC is a subsidiary of Halma plc.

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Advanced Panels Protect the Eighth Wonder of the World

Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, built almost 1,500 years ago and a landmark of global importance is being protected with an Advanced fire system.

Advanced protects hagia sofia

Built on the orders of Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian in 537 in what was then Constantinople, it was the world’s largest cathedral and a cornerstone of Christianity for nearly 1,000 years. It then became the city’s most important mosque for almost 500 years and is now a world famous museum and a crown jewel in the history and skyline of Istanbul. As far back as the 6th Century it was called ‘the eighth wonder of the world’. It welcomes millions of visitors every year and became Turkey’s most visited tourist attraction in 2012.

A recent upgrade to its fire system, installed by Advanced’s partner, D Sistem, saw an Advanced MxPro 4 fire system installed, supporting optical smoke and air sampling detection, with a range of input and output devices.

MxPro offers customers a choice of two panel ranges, four detector protocols and a completely open installer network that enjoys free complete training and support. MxPro panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, multi-loop panels in 200 node networks covering huge areas. Advanced’s legendary ease of installation and configuration and wide peripheral range make it customisable to almost any application.

MxPro 4 is Advanced’s benchmark panel and is EN54 2 & 4 approved, offering users high quality and performance and the knowledge that its fire system can be easily upgraded in future. Its partner Advanced’s MxPro 5 is EN54 2, 4 & 13 approved and is backward compatible with the MxPro 4.

Gerda Koberidze Özkan, spokesperson for D Sistem Ltd said “The improvements to this historic building have involved bringing the fire detection system up to date, ensuring that the building has the best quality fire alarm system and meets the highest standards in fire safety. We have used Advanced panels for several projects in the past as they are highly reliable, adaptable and can be upgraded in the future.”

Etienne Ricoux, Advanced’s Export Sales Manager for Europe, commented: “The Hagia Sofia is the latest landmark building to be protected by Advanced panels. It’s probably the oldest building we’ve ever protected and beautifully illustrates the power and quality of Advanced’s fire systems. On the one hand we protect one of Europe’s oldest landmarks and the other its current tallest building, The Shard in London.

“We believe that MxPro ticks all the boxes, combining proven reliability with innovation and ease-of-use. It also delivers a future-proof solution, with the capability to be easily upgraded and supplemented in future.”

For more details contact Reji Mathews, India Business Manager, M: +91 98802 80326, E-mail:

About Advanced
Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. Its legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use sees its products used in locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced’s products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control and fire paging systems. More details can be found on the website at

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Contact lens fitting revolutionized with the Volk Eye Check

New Contact Lens Module reduces drop outs and improves first time fit

Volk Eye-Check Logo
Volk Eye Check – for accurate, objective ocular measurements.

Volk Optical announces the launch of Volk Eye Check for the contact lens market. An addition to the current Volk Eye Check device, which provides ocular measurements and aids in the diagnosis of ophthalmic abnormalities such as strabismus, The Volk Eye Check Contact Lens module is a new software application focused on assisting the contact lens practitioner to achieve a quicker fitting process and to reduce drop-out rates.

Eyecheck front angle

By automatically providing objective and accurate measurements of key eye parameters such as HVID, pupils and lids, Volk Eye Check’s Contact Lens module will assist practitioners in quickly identifying patients that may require non-standard optics in their lenses, and also to assist in the quick and smooth fitting of progressive, RGP, and scleral lenses.

Eyecheck in Use

Eyecheck in Use

“We believe that this new and unique device will add value to the contact lens practitioner and manufacturer by saving time and money, reducing trial and error, and ultimately achieving lower drop-out rates.” said Pete Mastores, President of Volk Optical.

“Volk Eye Check’s Contact Lens Module provides fast, accurate and objective measurements within a small, mobile and cost-effective device. We believe that the device may revolutionize the way contact lenses are designed and fitted and open up opportunities for better fittings and greater patient satisfaction” said Yuval Yashiv, Chief Executive of IRISS Medical Technologies, Volk’s technology partner for the device.

Volk will be displaying the Volk Eye Check for the first time at the All India Ophthalmic Congress (AIOC-2015) in New Delhi this week (Feb 5-8).

For more details contact Mahadev Dhuri, General Manager – India (Volk-Keeler) on T: 91-22-67080400, M: +91 99303 11090, E-mail:, Website:

About Volk:
Volk Optical is an industry leader in aspheric optics and diagnostic imaging. Glass lens construction and the company’s patented double aspheric technology result in the highest resolution imaging with the best stereopsis for precision diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical work. Volk’s portable, electronic, digital imaging devices are building the foundation for the future of ophthalmology, optometry, and general medicine. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA and has representatives and distributors around the world.

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Sensorex Adds the UVT-LED Monitor to Water Instrumentation Offerings.

Portable, highly efficient UV-C LED monitor now available exclusively from Sensorex.

Sensorex is now the sole supplier of the UVT-LED Transmittance Monitor, formerly known as the PearlSense T254. The UVT-LED is the first instrument of its kind to use highly efficient UV-C LED technology. The compact monitor delivers fast, accurate transmittance readings in the field, water treatment facilities or industrial settings.

Transmittance measurement with the UVT-LED ensures proper UV dosing and efficient operation. The use of mercury free UV-C LED bulbs results in a compact design, easily used as either a handheld portable meter or an in-process instrument. The LED light source is ready for instant operation with zero warm up time. Capable of battery and solar-powered operation, the UVT-LED offers long lamp life with little maintenance and low operating costs.

Simple to operate, with a clear backlit LED display, the UVT-LED takes automatic measurements every 60 seconds. Integrated wiping prevents fouling and build-up in all water conditions, with a self-calibration check to ensure continual accuracy. The handheld model comes with battery power and convenient carrying case for use in the field and lab. The continuous model for in process use runs on 24 VDC power, and can be used in an open channel configuration or directly in a pressurized pipe. The ultra-small instrument is ideal for retrofit installations.

UV transmittance values are used to track changes in water quality, as well as detecting the presence of organic compounds and other issues. From municipal water treatment facilities to food and beverage applications, consistently accurate measurements can save energy and ultimately provide superior water quality.

To learn more about the Sensorex UVT-LED Transmittance Monitor, visit, email, or phone +1 714-895-4344.

About Sensorex:
Sensorex(a Halma company) is a global leader in design and manufacture of quality sensors for water applications. The company offers more than 2000 sensor packages for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide and other specialty measurements, as well as a full line of sensor accessories. Its expert technical support engineers solve analytical sensor challenges with custom designs and off the shelf products. Headquartered in California, with a global distributor network, Sensorex is a subsidiary of Halma plc, an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology.

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Castell launches new heavy-duty access interlocks to protect workers in heavy industries

- AI-HD and AIE-HD withstand high potential loads and high frequency of use

Industrial safety specialist Castell has launched heavy-duty access interlocks for use in industries such as waste and recycling, aggregates, steel and chemical processing. The AI-HD and AIE-HD have been designed to deliver robust performance where there are high potential loads and a high frequency of use.

The risks to personnel safety in harsh environments can be increased due to the heavy wear placed on safety components. The UK’s HSE recently reported that the construction industry in particular, while accounting for only around five per cent of Britain’s employees, still accounted for 31 per cent of fatal injuries to employees and 10 per cent of reported major or specified injuries.

Recognising these issues, Castell examined how it could develop its durable AI and AIE access interlocks to deliver enhanced products that would meet the day-to-day operational cycles encountered in heavy industry.

The AI-HD and AIE-HD will deliver years of performance in the harshest environments. The products use a heavy-duty stainless steel support mechanism, designed to take up to 1.5 times the load of current access interlocks, which reinforces the locking action. The design also provides additional protection for applications with high levels of vibration, such as mixers and shredders.

Elisa Hunt, Castell’s marketing manager, commented: “Castell has always been synonymous with high-performing products in harsh environments and the new HD access range takes this to a new level. Taking feedback from our customers in the cement mixing, tanker loading and waste and recycling industries has enabled us to develop a product that offers new levels of safety performance.”

Castell Safety International protects personnel, assets and the environment worldwide across the energy, industry, manufacturing and transport sectors. Castell products are designed to work in the harshest environments, delivering safe and efficient solutions.

For more information, please contact Ms.Elisa Hunt at or visit Castell Safety International has a distributor presence in India.

About Castell Safety International
Established in 1922, Castell manufactures the world’s widest range of industrial safety interlocking systems. Designed to protect personnel working with dangerous machinery or in hazardous environments, the company’s products are robust, durable and suitable for the heaviest of applications. Available in a range of materials, including stainless steel, they are proven even in dusty, corrosive and aggressive operating environments. All products conform to European safety standards.

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Accutome hires Market Development and Product Support Manager for India

Mr. R. Ramamoorthy has joined Accutome, Inc. as Market Development and Product Support Manager for India. Ramamoorthy’s appointment is a significant investment by Accutome in the strategically important India market and will drive our efforts to make Accutome a respected brand of choice among ophthalmic doctors in India.


Mr. Ramamoorthy comes to Accutome with a background of education in Computer Engineering and a strong background in promoting advanced technology diagnostic instruments to the ophthalmic industry.

While the India market offers many opportunities for Accutome’s unique products, Mr. Ramamoorthy’s initial efforts will be focused on creating awareness about Accutome as a premium manufacturer of ophthalmic diagnostic devices like A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM, Pachymeters, Accupen Tonometer, as well as Accutome’s surgical product line; diamond knives, cannulas and cystotomes, forceps, I/A systems, markers, Phaco manipulators, scissors, speculums, and other instruments for surgeries. Ophthalmic doctors around the world have come to depend on Accutome for precision diagnostics in eye care, because when it comes to eyesight, nothing can be left to chance. Accutome is especially known for unsurpassed customer service. By offering a broad product line, Accutome can help ophthalmic practices lower costs by offering a one-stop shopping experience and bundled pricing.

Ramamoorthy, the new India Market Development and Product Support Manager can be contacted on T: +91 89031 80803 or E-mail:

About Accutome:
Accutome, Inc. (a Halma company) is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. Accutome designs, manufactures and sells surgical and diagnostic instruments and a variety of pharmaceuticals for the ophthalmic marketplace. It is known for its leading ultrasound diagnostic equipment, used prior to cataract surgery and to diagnose certain eye conditions, and for its surgical instrumentation featuring Accutome’s leading diamond-blade surgical knives. For more details, please visit

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Alicat Adds Color Display Option to Rechargeable Portable Mass Flow Meters and Calibrators

Backlit color TFT display for handheld flow meters ideal for fast, accurate flow verification in low light conditions

Alicat Scientific has added a backlit color display to its rechargeable portable gas mass flow meter options. The handheld meters offer laboratory-class +/-0.8% reading accuracy for field flow verification and validation. The new backlit color display provides 6 hours of continuous operation for fast and easy flow verification in applications such as ambient air monitoring inside air station enclosures, and any other low-light setting in environmental, manufacturing and metrology industries.

Alicat’s rechargeable portable flow meters provide fast flow validation with multi-parameter measurement, wide operating ranges and multiple true gas calibrations. These durable meters have no moving parts and no warm-up time requirement for reliable service with minimal downtime and process interruption.

Alicat’s mass flow meters feature fast 5-ms meter speeds and live readouts of mass and volumetric flow rates, pressure and temperature. Rapid and easy access to this information makes Alicat’s rechargeable meters ideal for validation of environmental analyzers, verification of flow rates in industrial manufacturing and field flow calibration as a secondary transfer standard.

Portable meters come loaded with Alicat’s Gas Select™ firmware. Its library includes up to 130 preloaded gases and gas mixes, referenced to NIST Prop 9. The integrated COMPOSER™ utility allows up to 20 personalized gas compositions to be quickly programmed and stored directly on the Alicat device. All Alicat instruments are backed by comprehensive technical support and a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about Alicat portable mass flow meters, visit, or contact Gajendra Kelkar on 0 99300 47455 or email

To find an archive of Alicat news, visit the Alicat News Blog at

About Alicat Scientfic:
Part of the international Halma group, Alicat Scientific designs and manufactures mass flow devices used in medical and scientific instrumentation, as well as diverse industrial applications, for high-precision measurement of gas and liquid flows. Its all-digital product range includes mass and liquid flow meters and controllers; pressure gauges and controllers; portable flow meters; secondary calibration standards; software and accessories.

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Perma Pure launches new Nafion dryer for aerosol research and measurement

Perma Pure, the global leader in sample gas conditioning, has launched a new Nafion dryer on the Indian market. The MD-700 large diameter dryer was specifically developed for humidity control in particle measurement and aerosol analysis applications, but can be used in a wide range of drying or humidifying applications.

In order to minimize particle losses, a laminar sample flow should be maintained through the flow path of the dryer. The MD-700 addresses these performance needs while providing the moisture removal necessary to make accurate measurements across a wide range of flow rates up to 17 lpm. All moisture is removed in the vapour phase with a purge gas flow. Below are links to more information:

MD-700 Web Page

MD-700 Series Dryer Datasheet

MD-700 Series Dryer Product Manual

MD-700 Particle Loss Presentation Developed with TROPOS-Leipzig

As the MD-700 has very low particle losses in practical operation, users and researchers measuring PM 2.5, PM1, or nanoparticles, or performing aerosol research and analysis, now have an effective option to control humidity while improving measurement accuracy for their analyses.

For more information on Perma Pure in India, please contact Sanjeev Rai, India Business Development Manager on M: 0 99100 98244 or E-mail:

About Perma Pure
Perma Pure LLC ( manufactures a full line of gas conditioning products including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers and complete sampling systems for use in medical, scientific and industrial applications. The company is the sole manufacturer of Nafion tubing under licence from the polymer manufacturer, DuPont. Perma Pure is based in Toms River, New Jersey, with representatives and distributors around the world. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Halma plc.

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Perma Pure opens Indian industry’s mind to Nafion technology at NTPC’s GETS

Improved CEMS Accuracy and Reliability with Sample Conditioning Systems using Nafion Technology

Perma Pure, global leader in the sample gas conditioning space, presented a paper about the use of Nafion technology in continuous emission monitoring systems at the ‘Global Energy Technology Summit’ (GETS) 2014, organized by NTPC, India.


Caption: Gene Bohensky, OEM Sales Manager at Perma Pure, delivering the presentation at NTPC GETS 2014.

With the recent notification issued by the Central Pollution Control Board for continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) in highly polluting industries, the Indian market is flooded with CEMS enquiries but the major focus is on analyser specification. Mr. Gene Bohensky, Global OEM Sales Manager, Perma Pure, USA, highlighted the importance of sample conditioning systems in CEMS. The gas analyser reads what it gets as a sample so it is very important to choose the correct sample conditioning system.

Mr. Bohensky showed lab results of the difference in SO2 readings of different flue gas compositions, with the most common ‘Sample cooler-based gas conditioning system’ and ‘Nafion-based sample conditioning system’. With the use of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce SOx and NOx in stacks, pollutant gases emissions are reduced by more than 90% and the measurement required is within 100ppm . At such low levels, the Nafion-based system provides very accurate readings when compared with cooler-based systems. At higher measurement levels, Nafion systems reduce acid mist formation, which gives longer life to the gas analyser and more trouble-free operation overall.

In his paper presentation, Mr. Bohensky also showcased case studies of “Chevron – El Sugondo – Monitoring SOx” and “Toyota Motor Manufacturing – Measuring NOx”. The technology got the attention of senior technocrats and they discussed measures to adapt the technology to Indian market requirements.

Abstract of Paper Presentation
The global regulatory focus on the reduction of SO2 emissions has led to the adoption of a range of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) techniques, among others, to control them. Protecting the environment from the harmful emissions of power plants requires CEMS to be accurate and reliable in long-term operation. The most common sample conditioning systems use thermoelectric (Peltier) coolers to chill the sample and remove the moisture in the liquid phase. However, it has been shown that accuracy suffers when monitoring SO2 or NO2 as a portion of the sample is lost while the water is condensed. Secondly, such systems have reliability problems as the wet and dirty samples foul sampling lines and cooler elements, making it difficult to achieve good measurements. In this paper, real-world experience with sample conditioning systems using Nafion membrane technology is presented that demonstrates their ability to preserve the composition of the gas in hot, wet, and dirty samples and guarantee accurate results over a long service life. This experience provides power plants and refineries with the confidence to deploy an effective alternative that both improves measurement accuracy and analyser reliability.

Caption: Sanjeev Rai attending to an enquiry at Perma Pure’s exhibition stall

Nafion-based sample conditioning systems installed in the field have demonstrated their theoretical advantages by providing more accurate results, being more reliable and proving less expensive to install and maintain. Such systems are well suited for FGD because of the extremely low range of SO2 measurements that can be made to maintain the accuracy as well as the efficiency of the CEMS. Today, as permitted levels of SOx and NOx are continually being reduced, it is even more important to consider specifying a Nafion-based system for your CEMS or process analyser. With decades of real world experience, Nafion dryers provide end users with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to thermoelectric cooler-based systems – one that provides more accurate measurements and helps protect the environment.

For more information on Perma Pure in India, please contact Sanjeev Rai, India Business Development Manager on M: 0 99100 98244 or E-mail:

About Perma Pure
Perma Pure LLC ( manufactures a full line of gas conditioning products including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers and complete sampling systems for use in medical, scientific and industrial applications. The company is the sole manufacturer of Nafion tubing under licence from the polymer manufacturer, DuPont. Perma Pure is based in Toms River, New Jersey, with representatives and distributors around the world. The company is a subsidiary of Halma plc.

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