Electromagnetic Insertion Probe Flowmeter from Hydreka

HydrINS 2 features easy installation without flow interruption

Toronto, ON (February 9, 2011) –Providing a flowmeter with maximum functionality, Hydreka has launched a new version of the HydrINS 2 electromagnetic insertion probe.  The HydrINS 2 can be used throughout a water distribution network to measure flow rates at reservoirs, waterworks, pumping stations, water pipes and DMA zones.

The HydrINS 2 electromagnetic flowmeter from Hydreka.

The HydrINS 2 electromagnetic flowmeter from Hydreka.

Using an electromagnetic sensor to measure bi-directional flow rates for a variety of pipe sizes, the HydrINS 2 can be used as a portable or a dedicated/ permanent instrument.  “Hot tap” installation provides an uninterrupted supply throughout the installation process.  The unit features direct output of monitoring information to datalogging devices, and supports an optional LCD display for local (<650 feet) viewing of readings.  HydrINS 2 includes Winfluid software to set up the probe and profile the pipe in order to calculate the real profile factor (in case of flow disturbances).  Both the probe and display are watertight, rated to IP68.  Depending on the settings, battery life can last up to 10 years.

The product features a reinforced stem, anti-ejection chain, locking nut and insertion point clamp for easy installation.  The HydrINS 2 is also easily linked to other Hydreka water monitoring products with a push-fit connector for pressure management and a watertight military specification connection for dataloggers.  For more information, the new HydrINS 2 brochure can be downloaded from the Hydreka website at www.hydreka.com.

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3 Responses to “Electromagnetic Insertion Probe Flowmeter from Hydreka”

  1. Hari Yudha hutomo says:

    My company is using the hydreka product now. Hydrin 1 and 2, but I need more details your product of probe sensor and price

    It is sure my purposes to get more advance info about your product and variance price also (probe stick for flow and pressure)
    It is possible, if i will order direct from Canada? how to proceed it?

    Thanks you and wait your respond,
    Hari Yudha

  2. rob says:

    Thanks for your comment, Hari. I have passed your information along to the sales team at Hydreka, and someone should be in contact with you shortly.

  3. Dear Sir

    We have HydrINS electromagetic flow meters and we are using them in pipes with cross section 1100mm and 800mm. As I do not have any manual of them can you please send me the manual on my e-mail and inform me what is their accuracy? Thanks in advance.

    Arben Prruthi

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