Correlating Noise Loggers Provide Wireless Leak Detection

FCS SoundSens “i” features redesigned correlator pod case for corrosion resistance

Milford, OH (April 26, 2011) – For high performance, versatility and speed of operation in the field, Fluid Conservations Systems (FCS) offers the SoundSens “i” system of correlating leak noise loggers.  The system provides wireless monitoring of water lines and leak detection for public utilities.

The SoundSens “i” system of correlating loggers from FCS.

The SoundSens “i” system of correlating loggers from FCS.

SoundsSens “i” includes 2 to 8 correlator pods that magnetically attach along a distribution system’s pipelines.  The pods activate at preprogrammed intervals and use an internal accelerometer to detect leak noise within the pipeline.  Data from the pods is transmitted wirelessly via an infrared signal back to the SoundsSens “i” hub, where up to a week’s worth of survey data can be stored before it is downloaded to a PC for analysis.  Groups of pods can be connected to allow simultaneous programming and downloading of data.  

SoundSens pods are completely submersible.  Each pod features a newly redesigned case machined from solid aluminum and hard-coat anodized for corrosion resistance.

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