Sale Of First Hanovia UV Water Disinfection System To Chinese Automobile Production Market

British water disinfection specialist Hanovia has just sold its first UV disinfection system for the Chinese automobile production market. The UV system purifies water used for spray cleaning the vehicles and for electrophoresis dipping water.

Hanovia UV lamp

Situated at the end of the water treatment line and treating a flow rate of 20m3/hour, the Hanovia UV system destroys all water-borne microorganisms which, if allowed to grow, can contaminate the water system by blocking pipelines or growing in the electrophoresis tank.

“This is an important contract for us,” said Hanovia’s managing director Craig Howarth. “It is our first sale into the growing Chinese automobile production market and was only possible because of the strong local support of our Chinese sales office. Hanovia was selected over other companies because of our strong quality and performance guarantees.”

The customer is Beijing Anke Membrane & Engineering Co., one of the most well-known and respected pure water package companies in the Chinese automobile industry. The end user is a domestic automobile factory in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province.

Commenting on the installation, Hanovia’s Chinese sales manager Peter Wang said, “The Chinese automobile production market is strong and growing. Hanovia is looking forward to assisting many more users in improving their product quality over the next few years.”

Hanovia is a subsidiary of Halma p.l.c., an international market leader in specialist electronic, safety and environmental technologies, with 3000 employees and a turnover of $600m (2006). Halma owns 40 subsidiaries that make products for hazard detection and life protection. These companies are assisting China’s thriving economy in areas such as industry, construction, the environment, resources and health.

Halma has manufacturing facilities in China and its principal Representative Offices are in Shanghai and Beijing. Hanovia is located at the Shanghai office. Many other Halma companies have also established a presence in China, either through representation at the Halma offices or through partnerships and distribution agreements with local Chinese companies.

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