New Modular Pneumatic Valve⁺ Interlock Range

Fortress has redeveloped its Pneumatic Valve+ (PV+) unit into a modular design that allows the configuration of an array of valves, trapped key interlocks and key switches in any combination.

The PV+ is suitable for the isolation of a pneumatic power source and is conventionally key-free, but the revised modular design allows the unit to be used in conjunction with other functional modules, giving the user flexibility.

The PV+ has been designed to complement the Fortress mGard range of mechanical key interlocks for heavy applications, which work by releasing and trapping keys in a predetermined sequence to ensure safe operation of dangerous machinery; access is not permitted until a safe condition has been achieved.

Pneumatic Valve+ Unit from Fortress

Pneumatic Valve+ Unit from Fortress

With the new PV+, a combination of isolation/access keys is possible, with sequential or non-sequential key operation available. Because mGard is designed to be modular, it is possible to add modules to create unique configurations. The PV+ has been designed with a zinc alloy valve body and mild steel zinc coated plates.

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