Fiberguide Helps Cinerama Dome Premiere New Star Wars Movie with Breakthrough Projector

New 3D Laser Projection System produces twice the brightness as most other systems in use

Stirling, N.J. (January 26, 2016) – Fiberguide Industries has played a critical role in the development of the Arclight Cinerama Dome theater’s new 3D Laser Projection System, which premiered along with the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie. The dual-head laser projection system, which uses a Fiberguide assembly for power transmission, was installed just in time for the classic theater’s first showing of the new movie.

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The new laser projection system is capable of very high brightness, up to 8 footlamberts in 3D and 14 footlamberts in 2D. The output is double the brightness that most systems used in other theaters are capable of producing, resulting in a brighter picture and better viewing experience. However, higher output demanded better power transmission. To meet the increased quality and transmission requirements for this high power system, Fiberguide designed a custom multimode assembly capable of meeting its demands.

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