Advanced Optical Beam Smoke Detector for Moscow Airport

A total of 244 Fireray 5000 auto-aligning infrared beam smoke detectors have been installed at Vnukovo Airport, Moscow’s oldest and Russia’s 3rd busiest airport, as part of its new Esser fire protection system. They were supplied locally by the Moscow office of Honeywell Life Safety Austria.

Over 200 Fireray 5000 infrared beam smoke detectors are protecting Vnukovo Aiport in Moscow, Russia.

The high ceilings and large open spaces of airport terminal, storage and hangar buildings are ideal areas to take advantage of the benefits of a beam type smoke detector, and the Fireray 5000’s unique features place it at the forefront of the technology available on the market.

In addition to installer-friendly features such as visual laser sighting, motorised automatic alignment and a low level controller unit, the reflective beam system allows a single unit to cover a distance of 100m wall to wall with wiring and power only required at the beam transceiver end of the installation.

The Fireray 5000 has approved certification from over a dozen major institutes and countries around the world, and features in the fire protection systems for all kinds of properties from large government buildings to warehouses, sports arenas and indeed airports. When approaching the design and commissioning of a new or revamped fire system for a building with large indoor spaces, high ceilings or significant aesthetic qualities, the Fireray range from Fire Fighting Enterprises should certainly be considered as an option to improve safety and maintain cost-efficient smoke detection coverage.

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