Full Range of Installation Accessories Available for Fireray Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd., manufacturer of the popular Fireray series of wide-area optical beam smoke detectors, has launched a full range of installation accessories for use with its fire protection products.

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd. offers a full range of installation accessories for its optical beam smoke detector products

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd. offers a full range of installation accessories for its optical beam smoke detector products

The company offers various mounting plates and brackets for the reflector prisms, allowing easy fixing and positioning of either a single- or 4-prism array to surfaces at almost any angle. Protective cages for the Fireray 5000 detector head and controller units are also available, in addition to those for the Fireray 50/100R and Fireray 2000 models.

The Prism Plate for either 1 or 4 prisms is suitable for situations where the wall facing the detector head is perpendicular to the angle of the beam. Where this is not the case, the Prism Plate can be attached to a Universal Bracket that fixes to the wall, allowing the angle of the prisms to be adjusted to reflect the beam back correctly. The reinforced Surface Mount Plate is another option, providing a particularly rigid and secure fixing.

The Protective Cages are made from plastic-coated galvanised steel and will protect detector heads and controller units from accidental knocks. Ladders, forklifts and other moving equipment in a warehousing or industrial setting could easily catch one of the wall-mounted devices, and the cages will help prevent damage or misalignment that may occur. Similarly, in leisure facilities, they will protect the fire detection system from flying footballs, tennis balls and other potential sources of knocks. The cages will also offer some protection against birds and bats, however care should be taken that the detectors’ lenses remain unobscured to prevent false alarms or unnecessary fault alerts.

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  1. Keith Norgate says:

    The standards require beam detectors to be mounted closer together when used as supplimentry detection at lower levels. We have been informed that if the beams are mounted close together their infra red paths interfere with each other. What is the closest that these beams can be installed without risk of this interference?

  2. Keith,

    The only interference that is problematic is when the light from one detector falls on the receiver of another. The light from one detector will not directly interfere with that of another, so it is possible to cross beams at right angles, for instance.

    How close you can mount products that are facing the same way (ie mounted next to each other on a wall) is dependent on the product’s beam divergence angle, which is the rate at which the optical beam spreads out as it leaves the detector lens, and the distance between the detector and reflector/receiver.

    Generally, for all our products and for all coverage distances, a spacing between beams of down to 4m is OK. However, for coverage distances less than 100m, it is possible to place the beams closer. Please contact FFE technical for more help and advice regarding specific products or installations, at

  3. Mohd azmi says:

    Dear sir,

    Please sent to us techinacal data and price of optical beam smoke detector.

    thank you.

  4. Dear Mohd,

    I have forwarded your request on to the FFE sales team, who should be contacting you directly very soon.

    Further information about the beam detectors available, including datasheets, can be found on the FFE website at: http://www.ffeuk.com/product-beam.html

    If you click on one of the products listed on the left or right there, you’ll be taken to a page with more details and downloads for the datasheets and user guides available through the menus on the right hand side of the screen.

  5. Bill Kerchner says:

    I am needing a AutoCAD detail of the FIRERAY 50R for my project I am working on. Is there a AutoCAD dwg file available for this product?

  6. Hi Bill, someone will be contacting you directly soon with regard to your request.

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