Brunei’s New Parliament House Protected By Beam Type Smoke Detectors

Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) will be keeping the new Brunei Legislative Council building safe from fire risks.  As a part of the comprehensive engineered smoke control system supplied by Singapore-based Acclaim Systems Pte Ltd, 14 FFE 50R Beam Type Smoke Detector units are situated in the Banquet Hall, Banquet Hall Lobby, Main Lobby and Chamber Hall.

Fireray 50R Protects Parliament House, Brunei

The Fireray 50R emits an infrared beam up to 50m (with the 100R extending to 100m) onto a reflective prism on an opposing wall and interprets the loss of intensity received back to determine smoke particle presence, whilst automatically compensating for building shift and dust build-up.  Each beam’s detection range can extend up to 7.5m laterally either side, covering a total of 750 metres square per unit, thus protecting broad spaces efficiently and effectively.  A ground-level control unit can also be added to allow easy, convenient key-switch testing of the system without the need for ladders or scaffolding, with a serial port allowing functionality to be examined with a laptop or data-logger. 

Costs, disruptions and aesthetic intrusions are kept to a minimum by housing the transmitter and receiver in the same unit, further reducing the number of devices needed when compared with ‘point’ style detection.  As many as seven or eight ‘point’ detectors would be needed to cover the same area as a single 50R, each requiring separate installation, cabling and maintenance in addition to the increased ‘eyesore’ factor.

The Banquet Hall and Legislative Chamber Hall will be at the heart of the $62 million complex, situated in the central tower of the twenty six acre Legislative Council building, officially known as ‘Dewan Majilis Baru’.  Designed to represent the legislature, history and culture of the State of Brunei, fire protection and prevention are obviously of paramount importance to protect such an emblematic building.  The project is due for completion in March 2007 after two years of construction.  It will include a banquet hall for five hundred people, a public gallery for over four hundred and fifty, a VIP room, canteen, surau, and confidential secretary, conference and press rooms. 

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