New Octopus Datalogger from Halma Water Management

Versatile logger features multiple telemetry options

Cincinnati, OH (August 14, 2009) – Providing unique measurement and datalogging technology, Halma Water Management (HWM) introduces the new Octopus logger.

The Octopus datalogger from Halma Water Management.

The Octopus logger is ideal for environmental datalogging in a variety of situations, such as rivers, tanks, reservoirs and pipes.  The unit is designed for multiple applications including open channel level and flow monitoring, flow rate and rainfall measurement, pump usage and network pressure monitoring.  The logger features a 5 year battery life, multiple inputs and outputs, and a fully submersible waterproof housing. 

In addition to its datalogging capabilities, the Octopus logger has multiple integrated telemetry options, including GSM and PSTN Landline, to automatically transmit data to the user when it is collected.  A switch output allows it to drive additional equipment such as samplers.

The Octopus uses HWM’s Winfluid software, which configures the device, records its findings and interprets results through automatic conversion algorithms to produce immediately usable data.

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