40,000 Permalog+ Leak Detectors Saving Water

Halma Water Management is delighted to announce that 40,000 units of its Permalog+ have been shipped in the last 12 months. This is the latest incarnation of the Permalog series of acoustic noise loggers, and means that they have now produced over 200,000 Permalogs designed to detect leaks in water pipes all over the world, from Beijing to Las Vegas.

40 000 Permalog+ Leak Detectors have been sold in the last 12 months

The product’s popularity is partly due to its versatility. It can be permanently installed to create a monitoring network that continuously looks out for leaks and sends the data back to a central server (PermaNet). The detectors can also be deployed in temporary, targeted leak-finding operations – with the data collected by patrolling ‘drive-by’ units. Recent developments have also led to long-distance, low cost, wireless SMS telemetry options, and a combined use of technology that allows drive-by patrols to collect both leakage and property metering data simultaneously (with the SMART-Log AMR).

Much of the innovation with the Permalog system is focused on improving the efficiency of leak detection, in addition to functional performance enhancements. Close and productive relationships with industry leaders and customers have led to the targeted development of an idea and technology whose potential is now being fully realised. The result of this is that now leak detection is more effective and faster than it ever has been.

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