Completely Wireless Leak Monitoring From HWM

Halma Water Management is launching the PermaNet SMS for remote, wireless water leak monitoring. The new system gathers data wirelessly from the Permalog+ noise loggers, and then transmits it via SMS directly to an office computer or mobile phone. This means water networks can be effectively managed with no more ‘drive-by’ patrols or site visits, markedly reducing survey costs and improving efficiency.

Completely Wireless SMS-based Leak Monitoring From HWM

The actual PermaNet SMS unit has an integrated radio receiver and SMS transmitter. The radio is used to communicate with local Permalog+ loggers, and the leak data is then sent to a remote monitoring station by low cost SMS telemetry. This combination of wireless systems allows the collation of water management data over wide areas without the need for costly site visits or even drive-by data capture. The potential for instant leak notification also means that leakage teams can also be targeted more quickly to specific areas, saving more time and water.

The product is compact and hard wearing, suitable for deployment either above or below ground. Each PermaNet SMS can service multiple Permalog+ units within range, and can be set up to deliver daily, weekly or monthly reports in addition to instant leak alerts. When not actively transferring data, the PermaNet SMS unit powers down to a ‘sleep mode’ that effectively conserves battery life.

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Wireless Water-Logging For Leaks and Meters

Leak detection specialist HWM and wireless communications expert Radio-Tech have combined their technologies to create the world’s first combined ‘drive-by’ system for automatic meter reading and leak detection.

SMART-Log and Permalog+ for wireless leak and meter monitoring

The Patroller II is a handheld PDA-type device from Halma Water Management, designed to wirelessly retrieve data from their Permalog+ leak-finding noise loggers. With Radio-Tech’s SMART-Log automatic meter reader, it can now also be used to collect water meter data at the same time – a single drive-by patrol will capture meter readings and water leak information simultaneously, for an exponential increase in efficiency.

The SMART-Log itself can be fitted to any existing pulse-enabled water meter, converting it into a digital, virtual ‘smart meter’. It stores consumption and event history records, which can then be used to determine accurate billings and develop tariff models, enforce restrictions, identify back-flow and even detect customer-side leakage. The wireless technology sends a ‘beacon’-type message every two seconds, allowing rapid data transfer and effective drive-by speeds of up to 30mph. The product also features SMART View: a solar-powered, in-house display for residential customers to monitor their own water consumption in several easy to read formats.

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