Pressure Control Cuts Flow In Half For Athens

EYDAP S.A., the Greek water utility, has installed 15 ControlMate-FM PRV Controllers from Halma Water Management. Currently the devices are being used to cover metering zones of at least 50,000 people each, providing an instant and measurable improvement to the efficiency of the water supply network.

HWM Pressure Controllers in Athens

The ControlMate-FM attaches to the pressure reducing valve for a metering zone, adjusting the pressure of the supplied water in response to flow demands placed on the network. Either controlled remotely or set up to respond to certain conditions (flow modulation or time regulation), pressure transients and variations are reduced to minimise the incidence of leaks and bursts due to unnecessary pressure excesses or sudden surges. Early results from the project, which is still in progress, have indicated decreases in minimum night flow of 25% to 50% due to the pressure controllers.

Local HWM distributor Olympios S.A. helped to identify the optimal areas of installation for the controllers, as well as training EYDAP staff in the use of the products, providing local language support documents, and giving continuing support and maintenance for the equipment. Excellent technical support and respected reputations have led to Olympios building up a close relationship with the supply company, and they are often consulted when new services, products, or upgrades are considered.

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