New Generation Of Digital Leak Noise Correlators

Highly-regarded leak detection specialist HWM Palmer Environmental has now launched the MicroCALL+ Digital Leak Noise Correlator.  Forming the digital counterpart to the popular MicroCorr analogue model, the new unit is even easier to use and boasts numerous benefits available through digital technology.

MicroCALL Digital Leak Noise Correlator

The MicroCALL+ sports a high-visibility, 6.5” colour VGA screen with clear graphics, and full post-processing features.  Automatic 3 outstation correlation and automatic velocity measurement and verification are incorporated to reduce the incidence of ‘dry holes’, and multiple filtering levels are available to allow automatic correlation across the frequency range.  The unit can operate in combined correlation/survey or purely listening modes, with user-definable pipe types and velocities available as additional options.  This includes the ability to specify plastic pipes, which will impose a preset selection of filters to greatly aid in the traditionally difficult task of locating leaks in plastic pipes. 

In the past these (and more) advanced functions to ease and speed the leak detection process were only available by using the DigiCALL PC-based unit; now they are fully integrated into the base station.  The base station itself has been redesigned to optimise the effectiveness of these new features, and there are also new radio outstations available, all now more compact and rugged to increase portability without compromising build quality or reliability.

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